Tie her down 204

Talk about getting married and being tied down!

Here, another imam (see our post below, The etiquette of wife-beating) gives another correct interpretation of Allah’s merciful instructions.

Men are told to Hajr disobedient wives before beating them. The root meaning of the verb means to isolate, or tie up and leave alone. English interpretations of the Quran translate it as “forsake”, saying it means to have the wife sleep alone until she comes to her senses (to properly obey her husband).

But is that the correct translation? How does one of Islam’s most famous expositors, Al Tabari, explain Hajr? “It does not mean forsake, because to just leave her and not talk to her is useless for the woman, since she is arrogant and does not want to listen or talk to her husband. If he leaves her alone, he will be doing exactly what she wants! The correct explanation of the verse means to tie her to the bed – like the Arabs tie a camel – and have sex with her by force.”

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