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One of the flying pigs we spotted (see our posts A flock of pigs and Oops! below) has come crashing down. It got cold hooves in the air.

Reuters reports:

Fidel Castro said Friday his recent comment that communist-led Cuba’s economic model does not work was badly understood and that what he really meant was that capitalism does not work.

Castro, speaking at the University of Havana, said his words had been misinterpreted by his interviewer, U.S. journalist Jeffrey Goldberg …

Goldberg wrote in a blog on Wednesday that he asked Castro, 84, if Cuba’s model was still worth exporting to other countries.

“The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore,” Castro told him.

Castro confirmed that he said those words “without bitterness or concern.” But, he said, “the reality is that my response means exactly the opposite.” …

Jeffrey Goldberg, he said, “does not invent quotes. He transfers and interprets them.” And Goldberg “did not understand the irony” in his comments.

Oh, I think he did. I think we all did.

Interesting that Castro has not reversed or re-interpreted his words about Iran and Israel.

Postscript:  See what Humberto Fortova has to say about the Goldberg interview with Castro here.

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