Ecoterrorism – ha-ha-ha 177

This video, which must be one of the most appalling ever made – sadistic, murderous, terroristic – is nevertheless being called, with justification, “the most honest political ad of all time”.

It seems at first to have been made in a spirit of bad-taste frivolity, possibly as satire, but it becomes clear that it is an expression of extreme hate and intolerance, produced in deadly earnest.

It proves beyond all question that the Global Warming Cultists are not just bigots and fools, but also profoundly anti-human.

At PajamasMedia, Zombie explains how it came to be made:

“10:10″ is a campaign to get people around the world to lower their carbon consumption by 10% in the year 2010. Global Warming and all that, you see.

It’s quite a large, well-organized movement, funded in part by the British government.

This morning, the 10:10 campaign released “No Pressure,” a much-anticipated video promoting the notion of compliance to the carbon-reduction drive, a video scripted by famed British screenwriter Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, Mr. Bean, etc.) and produced by a professional film crew with top-notch actors.


Within minutes of its unveiling earlier today, “No Pressure” caused such an uproar that it was taken offline while the producers issued an apology.

Luckily, enterprising bloggers saved copies and have been frantically re-uploading them to YouTube, to prevent the video from disappearing down the memory hole.

Why? Because no video has ever provided such a revealing and shocking peek into the mindset of the Global Warming alarmists.

Before I say any more, you absolutely need to see the video itself:

What do you think? An effective way to convince people to lower their carbon footprint — or final proof that the Green movement are a bunch of crypto-fascists with violent fantasies of exterminating their opponents …?

To see a series of videos and ads which show the thinking behind “No Pressure”, go to Ed Driscoll’s article, also at PajamasMedia, here.

If we lose the video on our site, try going there to see it.

Also worth reading is an article by James Delingpole, revealing more about the video’s makers and their intentions, here.

Among his comments is this:

With No Pressure, the environmental movement has revealed the snarling, wicked, homicidal misanthropy beneath its cloak of gentle, bunny-hugging righteousness.

Evil as it is, if the reaction to the video means that the Global Warming Movement has blown itself up, it will unintentionally have done great good. That may be too much to hope for, but at least it has discredited the 10:10 campaign itself, and perhaps made it harder for the ecofascists to go on preaching their destructive faith.