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We proudly announce that THE ATHEIST CONSERVATIVE  is recommended by Online Schools as a resource for students of Political Science.

The list of 50 websites clearly indicates that real education is on offer. That is to say, a variety of political opinion is represented, examining issues from many points of view. The list provides –

the top 50 resources beneficial for students attending online political science schools. The resources listed here should prove to be helpful sites describing materials and journals, career opportunities, and insightful contributions from educators and other professionals and leaders in the field of political science.

We are number 46 on the list. This is how we are introduced:

Anti-Religious and Christian Political Perspectives

This section contains blogs featuring political perspectives from various religious perspectives, both conservative and liberal. Both anti-religious groups and Christian groups share their viewpoints.

46. The Atheist Conservative

For those political science students looking for a non-religious perspective, this blog provides conservative political news and views free from mainstream religious biases.

We ourselves will use the list, which includes some names we know but more that we don’t. It enlarges the field we explore for topics of interest.

Most gratifyingly, the recommendation means that our ideas and arguments may influence and persuade – if also provoke – serious students of politics.


11/21/12: This connection has now been broken off at the request of Online Schools, so we have removed the link.

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