See what they’re doing and don’t let them do it 116

Having failed to make a case for “world governance” on the pretext of saving the planet from manmade global warming, fanatical advocates of that ultimate horror now hope to exploit the WikiLeaks scandal to achieve their end.

Softly, softly. One  small step at a time. Starting with UN control of the Internet.

The United Nations is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental working group to harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the internet.

“Policy makers”. Note the currently correct term for aspiring, upwardly mobile, whole-world dictators.

They’re only wanting to “harmonize global efforts”. Sounds cozily co-operative, unthreatening, even soothing, does “harmonize”!  And the implication is that these efforts are underway already, all over the globe, nothing to make a fuss about, but unevenly, perhaps more expensively than necessary because of  – Oh, say, duplication of effort. Let’s get all the conscientious toilers in this field into one team pulling together.

To what end, these sneaky tactics? To regulate the internet.

An “international body would attempt to create global standards for policing the internet – specifically in reaction to challenges such as WikiLeaks.”

What does “create global standards for policing” mean if not the making of laws by a central body to be globally enforced?

And what does that mean if not the start of “world governance”?

They must not be allowed to do this.

And the internet must remain free.

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