Storming the gates of a fool’s paradise 4

The poor and oppressed of the world are rising and moving in ever greater numbers.

If there is no hope of their getting opportunity for bettering their lives in their own countries – though they might demand it as now in Egypt – they go where they believe opportunity already exists: to the prosperous Western democracies.

At the same time, the borders of the prosperous Western democracies are becoming ever more porous.

Last year 36,000 migrants walked into the EU through its Western frontier, the Greek-Turkish border, ten times the number who had slipped through in the year before. That’s 90% of all the illegal immigrants entering Europe.

Mark Steyn writes about it. Not for the first time (see his book America Alone on the ominous demographic decline of the indigenous European populations) he draws attention to a trend that will bring about historic change.

The influx has shattered the rhythm of life in one of Greece’s most isolated regions. Farmers in the main, the locals speak of the fear they have felt at suddenly encountering thousands of bedraggled men, women and children from the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq, Algeria and Morocco, India, Palestine, Congo and Somalia.

“It’s been an unbelievable caravan of humanity. I must have seen at least 10,000 of them pass,” said Giorgos Liakides, who runs a little mini-market in Nea Vissa, the first village after the border. “You wake up and find them on your doorstep, and at night when you go to water the fields you find them hiding in the bushes. We understand their plight, we are human as well. But we’re afraid. None of us ever used to lock our doors before; now we worry all the time.”

Mostly economic migrants, those who do get in readily hand themselves over to Greek police, eager to elicit the documents that will allow them to stay for up to 30 days in the EU member state.

In theory, they are meant to be deported after that, but in practice many just blend into the back streets of Athens before attempting to sneak into another European country by train, boat or bus.

Global population is supposed to peak at about nine billion in 2050, then level off and start to decline. If you’re one of those eco-fetishists who think of humanity as a species, then that nine billion is the number to watch, up from six billion at the turn of the century. But, if you don’t think of the world as one unified global parking lot, you’re less interested in the big number and more in its constituent parts: On the road to that nine billion, almost all the increase in global population will come from Islam and sub-Saharan Africa – ie, “the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq, Algeria and Morocco, [the Muslim minority of] India, Palestine, Congo and Somalia”.

Between 2010 and 2030, the worldwide Muslim community  is predicted to increase from somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of the global population to one third of humanity. … They’ll be “citizens” of countries which have done a cracking job of killing almost all human progress of the modern age. In the first decade of the 21st century, Niger, which is over 90 per cent Muslim, increased its population by almost half – from just over ten million to just over 15 million. In 2000, half a million of its children were estimated to be starving, but hey, that’s no reason not to add a few million more. Its population is predicted to hit just under 100 million by the end of this century – in a country that can’t feed a people one-tenth that size. Is it likely that an extra 90 million people will choose to stay within Niger?

Sub-Saharan Africa will double its population between now and 2030. They’re poor and getting poorer. Excepting South Africa, the Dark Continent’s per capita income averaged $355 in 2004, but is expected to fall by almost 20 per cent to $290 by 2030. … It would be asking an awful lot for untold millions of them to remain in the teeming, disease-ridden shanty megalopolises into which Africa’s population is consolidating – rather than to, say, head for the lusher fields of Giorgos Liakides’ village.

If any citizens of the EU fancy themselves safe from a colossal invasion by destitute hordes from the Third World, they are living in a fool’s paradise.

What’s to stop that vast “caravan of humanity” just walking in and taking it the way Robert Mugabe’s thugs took any Zimbabwean farm that tickled their fancy?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

The hands of Europeans raised in horror will not be seen as a stop signal by the desperate multitudes who have nothing to lose and everything to gain by pressing on to where democratic law and order, freedom, education, and the ideas and work of millions of  individuals have brought prosperity.

The dreadful irony of it is, their coming to share in that prosperity will almost certainly destroy it: not because there is not enough opportunity for millions more to make their contributions in freedom, but because freedom itself, the necessary condition for prosperity, is slipping away.

Freedom depends on law and order. You think you are secure in your own property because you have a title-deed?  What if that title-deed ceases to be recognized as proof of anything? A piece of paper is all it will be.

A ragged army of the wretched comes along your street and some turn and walk into your house and settle in it. What are you going to do?

In most Western European countries it’s already hard to find a police force that would come to your aid.

In America there is an administration in power that is happily defying the law right now.

It could be argued that the weakening of the United States by its present leadership has expedited the chaos spreading through the world.

That clamor we hear in Egypt, that sound of many feet marching towards Athens, are harbingers of what’s coming to all of us. We had better look to our defenses; arm ourselves; and as soon as we can in America, empower a new government which will re-enforce the strongest protector of civilization: the law.