Against schools 134

Except for the convenience of parents who need or like to put their children in the responsible care of others while they work or just take a break from parenting, physical schools for children are no longer needed. It’s perfectly possible now for children to be educated without being assembled in classrooms. The internet is the ideal resource. A child needs a safe room,  a computer, and at least until mid-adolescence, adequate supervision. Given those, the chances are he’ll get a far better education than he’d get at school.

His “social needs”? No reason why his learning on the net should deprive him of companionship, debate, competition, and everything else that a group of  peers provides in the classroom and playground.

Not only are classrooms anachronistic and unnecessary, what is being taught in them is positively bad.

In general, what is being taught now in the schools of the English-speaking world are not the old subjects of Science, Math, English, History, Geography. The new subjects are Self-esteem, Exploring Sexuality, Multiculturalism, Anti-Racism, Climate Change, and Social Justice.

  • Self-Esteem:  lessons on “rights”. Your right to health care, to a really nice house, to certificates of qualification, to a really nice job with a really nice salary, and air time on TV.
  • Exploring Sexuality: lessons on what a body can do alone, with another, with many others, and how to avoid reproducing when you do some of it.
  • Multiculturalism: lessons on Islam, how to submit to it and even better how to become a Muslim.
  • Anti-Racism: lessons on how whites are racists.
  • Climate Change: lessons on the importance of recycling and keeping down emissions, with a regular showing of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”.
  • Social Justice:  lessons on wealth redistribution by government to ensure economic equality.

True, these subjects would probably be abandoned by the home-school parent and child, but – also true – it would be a good thing if they were.

Furthermore, the abolition of schools for children would save a lot of money. It would also break the power of the teachers’ unions.

There is no downside to the idea.