Left Wright – and there will be blood 12

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright – Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years – is one of the notables behind the Global March to Jerusalem, scheduled for March 30, 2012.

Here’s information about this aggressive anti-semitic plan, from CiF Watch:

What is the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ)?

GMJ, scheduled for March 30, 2012, is an anti-Israel publicity stunt that aims to have a million people marching on Israel’s borders from all the surrounding countries – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt – with the aim of reaching Jerusalem. Concurrently, demonstrations are planned in the Palestinian-administrated territories and against Israel’s diplomatic missions in major cities throughout the world.

Who is organizing GMJ?

The organizers of GMJ are made up of members of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, far-left extremist groups and are backed by the Iranian government. Senior organizers include:

Ahmed Abo Halabiya, a Hamas MP who in 2000 gave a sermon saying “Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them.”

Zaher Birawi, a prominent Hamas activist in the UK and senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood linked Palestinian Return Center.

Abdul Maqri, head of the Algerian delegation aboard the Mavi Marmara who in 2010 said “all our blood is Palestine” and declared that “Israel will be annihilated soon”.

Advisory board members include George Galloway, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mairead McGuire, Mahathir Mohammed and Sheikh Raed Salah.

What are the objectives of GMJ?

Official statements of the organizers of GMJ attempt to portray the movement as a peaceful protest aimed at highlighting the so-called “Judaization of Jerusalem”. …

Employment of the term “Judaization of Jerusalem” is hateful rhetoric designed to negate thousands of years of Jewish history and incite the Muslim world. …

Like every other sovereign nation, Israel has the right to control who enters its borders and to protect its borders from being breached.

Should we be concerned about GMJ?

Absolutely. With a bloody uprising in Syria, a Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egypt, the looming Iranian nuclear threat, a failed peace process and recent renewed violence from Hamas-controlled Gaza, the situation is highly volatile. Combined with the extreme terror groups behind GMJ and the rallying cry of “saving Al Aqsa (Jerusalem) from the Jews”, it is our assessment that with sufficient numbers the organizers will seek violent confrontation with Israeli forces with the aim of sparking a Third Intifada.

Yes: chances are, Israel will not admit the marchers, force will have to be used to keep them out, marchers and border guards will be hurt, and Israel will be blamed.

Update, March 31: According to the Jerusalem Post, the Global March on Jerusalem – coinciding with “Land Day” –  has (so far at least) been a fizzle. Blood was spilt, but not a lot. One man was shot dead in the Gaza Strip. “Israeli border police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades at crowds of Palestinian youths who tried to break past checkpoints to the north and south of Jerusalem. Violence flared at checkpoints in the West Bank to the north and south of Jerusalem.” There were “disturbances” at gateways into the Old City. Police limited access to the al-Aqsa Mosque. “A West Bank medic said 220 people were hurt in the clashes, but none were thought to be in serious condition.”


Just to remind us all of what Jeremiah Wright preaches, here – from Hot Air – is the notorious video clip of the rabble-rouser Reverend damning America, and stirring up race hatred by accusing all those opposed to Obama of race prejudice: