Naming the enemy 160

In Britain, which has an established (Anglican) church, and enforces Islam’s sharia law as a parallel legal system, a discussion was recently hosted by (left-biased, pro-Islam) BBC Radio 4 between an Anglican bishop, Jonathan Gledhill, and Member of Parliament Alan Beith, who is a Methodist, and they found themselves in complete agreement that the great threat to peace and order in Britain, the real menace to civilization, is something they called “militant secularism”. 

Nick Cohen comments in The Spectator:

Conformist and non-conformist united against their common enemy, ‘militant secularism’. Not just Anglicans and Methodists, Beith assured us, but Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and Hindus were at one in their fear of the secularist menace. …

I won’t labour the obvious point that an established church that uses the force of law to insist on a privileged position, seems slightly more authoritarian, and indeed presumptuous, than those of us who want a level playing field, but look instead at the corruption of language. …

British atheists are not killing believers … nor are we closing churches or preventing the faithful from practising their faith. We are merely arguing, as full citizens of a democratic society are entitled to do, about the laws that should govern our country. For bishops …  and Methodist Lib Dems to describe this as ‘militancy,’ reveals nothing except their paranoia, self-pity, ignorance of history and insecurity.

Atheists are not the source of ‘militancy’ in Britain. If you doubt me, consider the following scenarios:

This afternoon, as every afternoon, cartoonists will be presenting their work to editors, who give them free rein to be as “edgy” and “iconoclastic” as they wish. If they present a caricature of Richard Dawkins, however grotesque, no editor will object. If they present a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, however reverential, not an editor in Britain will publish it. If you have to ask why, you haven’t been paying attention. …

If a bomb explodes on the London Underground, while you are travelling home from the West End, trust me, militant atheists won’t have planted it.

In all history there has never been a war or a persecution carried out in the name of atheism to promote atheism.

No, Hitler was not an atheist, he was a Catholic.

Communists who made wars and persecuted everyone they could including the religious were doing it in the name of Communism, their atheism being merely part, the only intelligent part, of their otherwise atrocious creed.

With bishops and MPs oblivious to what is really threatening them, every port of entry into Britain should carry the warning: ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE (unless ye are Muslim)


Here’s a sad video in which a British woman is brought to tears as she witnesses the loss of her town to Muslim invaders.