First lady, prime hypocrite 151

These quotations come from The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House by Edward Klein*:

Michelle is the president’s most important political adviser and the one he listens to above all others before he makes major decisions. (Page 107)

Michelle Obama is further to the Left politically  than her husband. And that’s saying a lot. (Page 107)

Everyone in Michelle’s family is afraid of her … Despite her fiery reputation among friends and family, stories about Michelle’s temper have rarely appeared in the liberal mainstream media, which have gone out of their way to protect her. (Page 113)

Chicago-style cronyism marked Michelle’s tenure at the University of Chicago Medical Center. … [E]veryone expected Michelle to promote programs to assist the underprivileged denizens of the black South Side. Instead, she helped launch a program … to save the hospital millions of dollars by reducing poor and uninsured patients from its emergency room to surrounding community hospitals in the South Side. The University of Chicago’s Medical Center beds were reserved for prosperous patients who used profitable procedures. The president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Dr. Nick Jouriles, released a statement saying Michelle’s program came “dangerously close to ‘patient dumping’, a practice made illegal by the emergency Medical Labor and Trade Treatment Act, and reflected in an effort to ‘cherry pick’ wealthy patients over poor.”  (Pages 117-118)

Michelle’s personality … is acquisitive and materialistic by nature. For her forty-fourth birthday, Obama bought his wife … a set of diamond earrings. He spent $5,000. She promptly returned them in exchange for bigger diamonds that cost $12,000. (Page 124)

The conclusions we draw from these passages are:

  • Michelle Obama is a too-powerful influence – for the worse – on her weak and indecisive husband.
  • She is loaded with the moral vanity, and indulges in the bleeding-heart self-dramatization, that characterize the elite of the Left.
  • She is a shrew.

Above all –

But first some clarification. We are heartily for maximizing profit. We are delighted to know that there are people who can pay $12,000 for a pair of earrings, because we consider poverty, not affluence, to be a problem. We do not believe in a “sin” of greed; we do believe in – and despise – the “sin” of envy. But the Left in theory disagrees with us on all these counts.

So our point in quoting the last two items is that –

  • Michelle Obama is a hypocrite, in this too being typical of the Leftist elite.


*The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House by Edward Klein, Regnery, Washington DC, 2012.