Blind rage and wild enjoyment 2

An apt symbol – a Muslim protestor wearing a blindfold.

A blindfolded Muslim protestor in Kashmir shouts anti-American slogans

See here and here and here many more pictures of raging Muslim mobs, urged by media men and politicians to protest against a YouTube video mocking their mythical prophet Muhammad.

It’s very unlikely that many – or even any –  of the protestors have seen the video, as it is banned in most of the Islamic countries where the riots have been incited.

They’re all clearly enjoying themselves immensely.

They direct their burning hatred particularly at Barack Obama (a fine irony, as he really loves Islam); an American pastor, Terry Jones (who had nothing at all to do with the making of the video but once announced that he planned to burn a copy of the Koran); Israel (of course); and the Egyptian-American Copt who did make the film and is now being harried by the FBI in the land of the free.

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