On a Sunni day in Syria 83


(Video from LiveLeak)

This religious act was carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra.

From Wikipedia:  Jabhat an-Nusrah li-Ahl al-Sham … “The Support Front for the People of Syria”, is an Islamic group of militant rebels operating in Syria. The group announced its creation on 23 January 2012 during the Syrian Civil War. It is described as “the most aggressive and successful arm of the rebel force“. … The group is generally described as being made up of Sunni Islamists and Jihadists. Its goal is to overthrow the Assad government and to create a Pan-Islamic state under sharia law and aims to reinstate the Islamic Caliphate. It has been claimed that al-Nusra Front is affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq.  

Our question: Would they be an improvement on Bashar Assad as rulers of Syria, d’you think?

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