Raping for Allah 64

Here’s a justly angry video about Afghan asylum-seekers accepted into Sweden. For supporting, coddling, protecting them, their hosts are repaid with rape and arson. The Afghans know they can get away with it, so they indulge themselves to their savage hearts’ content.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at Right Side News reports and comments with intense indignation:

[The victim] now resides in an insane asylum, while her attackers are either roaming free or soon will be. Let me spell it out for you in indelicate language – they brutally raped her to the point of her intestines coming out and now her insides are screwed up. She suffers fecal incontinence – in other words, she can’t control her bowels anymore. She’s 29 for cripes sake! Normally, I would say she is lucky to be alive – but that is debatable.