Democrats want sharia 0

Republicans tried to make a law preventing the application of foreign law – in particular, sharia – in Florida courts. Although they had a majority in the state legislature, they failed.

This is from WatchdogWire:

The minority Democrats effectively killed the Florida version of American Law for American Courts on its third try in as many years in the final days of the 2013 Legislature in Tallahassee. SB 58, Acceptance of Foreign Law in Certain Cases, was defeated on a procedural vote by the minority Senate Democrats: 25 Republicans to 14 Democrats. 27 votes were required to reach the required two-thirds margin to use the House version which passed the Florida House on April 18th, 79 Republicans to 39 Democrats. One Republican Senator Ms. Nancy Detert from Venice was absent from the floor for the vote while a Democrat who originally supported the vote requested release from a promise to vote for the House version after enormous pressure was brought on the Senator by the Democrat caucus. That fractious activity was witnessed by the House sponsor of HB 351, Rep. Larry Metz. Consideration of the House ALAC version in the Florida Senate lost by two critical votes.

SB 58 sponsor, Sen. Alan Hays, Republican of Umatilla had a list of more than 19 cases involving foreign law that had been appealed in Florida courts.

Senate Rules [Republican] Committee Chair John Thrasher … [said] SB58 was “effectively dead”.

So, appallingly, it must be concluded that Democrats in Florida actually want sharia law to apply in their state.

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