A thirst for accusation 167

Come fix upon me that accusing eye.

I thirst for accusation.

                                   – W.B.Yeats


How interesting that you are intent on destroying our nation – please tell us all about it, Sir. And tell us how we deserve it. How bad we are.

Thus the BBC (in effect) to a leading jihadist, inspirer of the Butcher of Woolwich. To provide him with one of the biggest platforms for his loathsome propaganda that the world can offer.

This is from the MailOnline:

As the awful events unfolded on the streets of Woolwich on Wednesday, the mobile phone secreted inside the black Islamic robes worn by Anjem Choudary — the self-styled Sheik of East London — soon started ringing.

Calling him were producers from the BBC’s Newsnight programme, as well as rolling BBC news shows and Channel 4, all wanting to find out from this so-called ‘expert’ what exactly drove young, British-born men to hack an innocent young soldier to death in the capital with knives and a meat cleaver.

An expert on what? On JIHAD. On Islam’s mission of slaughter and subjugation. Why else phone HIM? By the very act of inviting him to come on their programs they were demonstrating that they know what they will not confess to knowing – that the butchery on the street in Woolwich was a religious act, and the religion is Islam, and Islam is a murderous ideology.

Media-savvy, and far more intelligent than his oafish demeanour suggests, Choudary was given star billing on a discussion panel with Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, as he insisted he was not a ‘hate preacher’ or Islamic extremist.

Indeed he is not an Islamic extremist. He is just Islamic. A Muslim. Like the Butcher of Woolwich.

The 45-year-old, who is often seen talking in whispers with young acolytes at Middle Eastern cafes in London, was given a platform as if he were a respected academic talking at arm’s length about Islamic extremism.

Refusing to condemn the killers of Lee Rigby, the British drummer crushed by a vehicle and then hacked to death with machetes, Choudary even suggested that ‘one man killed in a street’ was hardly proper vengeance for those killed by ‘Britain and the U.S.’ in wars overseas.

Claiming most Muslims support that view, the ‘preacher’ — he has no formal religious qualifications — also talked over the presenter and other guests as he implied that the killing was the result of British prejudice and racism towards young Muslims.

Lap it up, lap it up, Kirsty Wark and all ye BBC dhimmi! To your decadent and corrupt taste, accusation is sweeter than honey.  Must be. You grovel for it so.

As well as admitting that he knew and had been on marches with Michael Adebojalo, one of the alleged Woolwich killers, who was photographed standing immediately behind him at a demonstration in 2007, Choudary insisted that ‘persecution’ of Muslims prompted attacks against Western targets.

Perhaps that’s why he felt moved to describe Adebojalo [the Butcher of Woolwich]— whom he first met eight years ago — as a man of ‘impeccable character’.

Disgracefully, Choudary even claimed that he and his followers had signed a covenant — akin to the British military’s covenant to care for the welfare of its soldiers — not to wage war against this country’s people in return for living here unmolested and at our expense.

There is only one problem with this preposterous claim: it is simply not true. For the preacher is a fan of what is known by Islamic extremists as taqiyya — the telling of lies to protect their secret, deadly aims.

What is the point of inviting an habitual liar to say anything on a public platform? The BBC is so full of Islam-lovers and cowed dhimmis that that question would not occur to it.

… The extent of Choudary’s activities in Britain raises disturbing questions about how individuals with known terror links are allowed to flout the law and openly recruit on our streets.

Though he comes over as an excitable buffoon (he orders his young recruits to call him ‘Sheik’ and shouts down anyone who disagrees with his extremist views), the reality is that Choudary is smart, cunning and dangerous — prompting [some] commentators to brand him the most dangerous man in Britain.

Funded by benefits from the infidel taxpayers he so despises, for the past four years he has openly staged ‘Islamic road shows’ across Britain to recruit young men to his chilling cause.

As a result, some of those with whom he has come into contact have become embroiled in hatching terrorist attacks here and abroad. An extremist who believes his sole calling is to wage holy war against Britain and her ‘infidel’ allies, his real goal is trying to prepare the ground for a global Islamic jihad.

He dreams of seeing the black crescent flag — which is the symbol of his extremist Islam and Al Qaeda — flying over Downing Street, and a draconian form of sharia law imposed across Britain.

Once described by a moderate Muslim as the sort of religious leader who ‘sets the mood music for suicide bombers to dance to’, Choudary wants alcohol banned, amputations for thieves and adulterers to be stoned to death. …

According to terrorism experts, Choudary is the recruiting sergeant for what U.S. intelligence dubs Britain’s ‘Generation Jihad’. …

In a chilling portent of the horrors that unfolded in Woolwich this week, [one of Choudary’s native British converts to Islam] told me that British soldiers were a fair target. …

Choudary’s tentacles run far across a number of militant Islamic groups. He is a founding member of extremist groups that are banned in many countries, such as Hizb ut-Tahrir and Al-Muhajiroun — of which the alleged Woolwich killer Michael Adebojalo is thought to have been a member.

It was this group that praised the ‘magnificent’ July 7 London terror attacks that killed 52 innocent people in 2005. Choudary also once ran a hard-line sect called Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’aah Muntada. …

‘Jihad is part of the Koran,’ he says. …

And there he speaks the truth.

He wants Britain to become an Islamic state.

He believes Muslim immigrants will eventually out-breed the native British population, pointing out that Medina in Saudi Arabia once had just 200 Muslim inhabitants, but went on to become the second city of Islam. His mood will no doubt have been buoyed by new figures this week showing that one in ten of under 25-year-olds living here are Muslim.

Choudary claims to have converted hundreds of young men to his cause. …

With breathtaking cynicism, Choudary instructs his recruits that it is their Muslim duty to claim benefits, ensuring they make no contribution to the ‘enemy’ British state through taxation.

And successive British governents, whatever their party color, support this terrific idea. And judges uphold the “right” of immigrant Muslim criminals to continue to live in the country and be housed, educated, and medically treated at the expense of the British tax payers.

The ‘Sheik’ leads by example. Now separated from his wife and three children, for years he has received more than £1,700 a month in benefits — which he once referred to as ‘Jihad seekers allowance’.

So why is he still allowed to preach hate on Britain’s streets — and why is he given airtime on flagship TV news programmes only hours after a murder he refused to condemn? That is a question that is going to enrage more and more people …

Until tolerance is tried to breaking point, and more tens of thousands will join the English Defence League –  just any organization, however unsavory in itself, that will take action – violent action – to stop Muslim immigration, deport Muslim criminals, ban terrorist-affiliated Muslim organizations … No. Against Muslims. It will be too late then to start arguing against the ideology of Islam – at present a more promptly punished crime in Britain than butchery on the streets of London –

This is from PowerLine:

A 22-year-old man has been charged on suspicion of making malicious comments on Facebook following the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby.

Benjamin Flatters, from Lincoln, was arrested last night after complaints were made to Lincolnshire Police about comments made on Facebook, which were allegedly of a racist or anti-religious nature.

Thus does civilization end with a whimper.

How interesting that you are intent on destroying our nation – please tell us all about it, Sir. And tell us how we deserve it. How bad we are.