Immigrants: one solution to two problems 99

A new, strange, brilliant idea to solve the problem of too many poor illegal immigrants streaming over the southern border and living as “undocumented aliens” in the United States:

Issue hundreds of thousands – even millions – of permanent residence visas to European immigrants with money and skills, who will not be a burden on the welfare system of America, but will create jobs and increase wealth. Their culture will be entirely compatible. They will assimilate with no trouble at all. Whether they’re from Britain or the continent, they will speak English. (Most non-British Europeans have the start of learning English at school.) They will melt in the demographic pot. Their laws are like America’s laws. Their religions are or were the same as most Americans’. (Okay, we declare an interest: They’ve mostly given up religion now, so would happily swell the ranks of us unbelievers.)

Let the legal immigrants from Europe vastly outnumber the illegal immigrants from South America.

The scheme will also be a lifeline thrown to indigenous Europeans, as they are being crushed in their native lands by immigrants from the Islamic world. (And socialism.)

America is the depository, the great treasure house, of European culture. Indeed, America is Europe’s greatest product. Let it continue to be so: Europe triumphant in the New World, as the old continent sinks under the onslaught of a horde from the dark ages.

It’s time to re-write the poem on the Statue of Liberty:

Keep, ancient lands, your new sharia law!

Give me your gifted energetic best,

Your higher earners yearning to make more,

Your market-savvy ready to invest,

Your managers who’ve learnt to run the store,

Your traders who have undercut the rest,

Your masterminds who know what freedom’s for.

Jillian Becker    June 8, 2013