Amazing gall 56

While Muslim jihadists are still holding hostages in Kenya, having murdered some 68 men and women and children in a Nairobi shopping mall, their brothers in blood are marching down the streets of New York waving the flags of jihad and their wished-for caliphate.

It is called Muslim Day. The sworn enemies of the United States are allowed to celebrate it with parades.

Has there ever been a precedent for this in all history?

The video  and the commentary are from Front Page by Daniel Greenfield:

Some are held by spectators and others by marchers in the parade meaning that the organizers of the parade had to approve marchers carrying Jihadist symbols. I can’t think of any other group that would be allowed parade around with blatant terrorist insignia in the city that those same terrorists attacked. ..

The black flag is the war flag and the white flag is the state flag of the Caliphate.

The Muslim Day marchers carrying the white flags are saying that they view themselves as part of the Islamic Caliphate and that they view New York as belonging to the Caliphate.

The Muslim Day marchers with black flags are waving an open declaration of war against New York.

These were the flags that were planted on American embassies on September 11 during the attacks. Now they are being carried openly in New York.

The Al-Liwaa, the Caliphate state flag, and the Al-Liwaa, the war flag, are making a statement that the marchers are with the army of Mohammed and are at war with the non-Muslim Dar Al-Harb. The House of War. America.

Muslim apocalyptic prophecies believe that armies from Afghanistan carrying the war flags will lead to their armageddon. These are The Black Flags From Khorasan.

Follow the link and hear the war chant of the troops of Muhammad.