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In Ohio, a “focus group”  of former Obama supporters express their disappointment in him:

The video and text come from an article by Carol Platt Liebau at Townhall here.

These people are pitiful in their disillusionment and disappointment, but frankly, it’s hard to feel too sorry for them. After all, what did they really know about President Obamas’s record before he moved into The White House? Did they realize he had been an Illinois state senator a scant four years before being elected the leader of the free world? Were they aware that he was the most liberal member of the US Senate — which means he was to the left of Barbara Boxer, Teddy Kennedy, and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders?

Did they know that he had never run anything but a US Senate campaign (in which he ran largely unopposed) and a presidential campaign (in which he ran against John McCain – so again, largely unopposed)? Did they realize he had no demonstrable “work product” from his life besides two books written about himself? …

And at least one of them may actually have been written by someone else – his terrorist friend, Bill Ayers. (See here and here.)

At great cost, let’s hope America’s learned a valuable lesson. Though it can be fun to have a President who can make good speeches [?] and seem cool, it’s essential that s/he has a solid record of leadership and achievement in a position of responsibility; understands economics; and possesses at least a shade of realism and commitment to promoting American strength and interests in foreign affairs. Of course, just a little humility would occasionally be nice, too.

And it would be nice to know that independents everywhere, who helped make the man-child president of the United States (!), regret it – enough not to let  another Saul Alinsky disciple, Hillary Clinton, succeed him.

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