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Special offer from Endeavour Press:

From today, Tuesday January 14, 2014, for five days, their recent e-book edition of Hitler’s Children by Jillian Becker will be available free of charge.


“An important and highly readable book, thoroughly researched and written with the pace and excitement of a crime thriller.” – Times Literary Supplement.

“A splendid study of West German terrorism” – Golo Mann, Newsweek (Europe) Book of the Year.

“A thrilling narrative spun out of exact scholarship. I have not seen anything comparable to this book.” – William Stevenson, Author of A Man Called Intrepid and the screen play of 90 Minutes at Entebbe.

“I know of no one who has written on Ulrike Meinhof with such understanding and wise judgement as Jillian Becker.” – Renate Riemeck, Ulrike Meinhof’s foster-mother.

“Ulrike Meinhof’s life has been reconstructed here with immaculate attention to detail and with profound insight. With calm authority Mrs Becker reveals how it all happened, and many a contemporary feature looks clearer in the light of this fine book.” – David Pryce-Jones, Financial Times.

“The author’s approach is an admirable mixture of painstaking research, infinite understanding, nicely judged scepticism and a strong sense of irony. If to define a problem correctly is halfway to solving it, then the West Germans should give Jillian Becker a medal. She has posed the right questions and found the right answers.”  – Dan van der Vat, Bonn correspondent of The Times (London).

“With an Anglo-Saxon pragmatic scepticism, the author presents the intellectual background of Ulrike Meinhof: the need to be different; the longing for strong feelings and sensations; the hatred of normal life; the dreaming of lawless action directed against the optimism of the bourgeoisie. Everything that is then added, from the anti-nuclear movement to the study of Marcuse, appears as the consequence of the religious, deeply romantic original experience. Nothing less than the German soul is being examined in this book.” – Karlheinz Bohrer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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