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For Presidents Day we have taken this from Truth Revolt:

For President’s Day, #ILoveObamaTakes Over Twitter

But it’s not what you think.

On this President’s Day, #ILoveObama is trending on Twitter in celebration. But it looks as though the hashtag’s original intent of showing support for President Barack Obama has backfired with the help from those more inclined to sarcasm.

Following in the footsteps of “Thanks, Obama!” — where every possible situation-gone-bad is blamed on the president — and the thousands of kids tagging pictures of their unappetizing school lunches with “#ThanksMichelleObama,” #ILoveObama is shaping up to be the perfect outlet to show frustration with the current administration.

Here are some of the best so far:

Victoria Swoyer @3462727


#ILoveObama because he abandons a US marine in a Mexican prison but trades captured terrorists for a deserter!

4:53 AM – 16 Feb 2015


Ban Collectivism @mrgeology


#ILoveObama <<< Because he believes in the sanctity of life.

4:51 AM – 16 Feb 2015


#ILoveObama because he has made the definition of racism crystal clear!

3:50 AM – 16 Feb 2015



 Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Jenn Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ @StenoJenny


#ILoveObama – he’s always looking out for Americans by hiring the best architects the taxpayers’ money can buy

3:24 AM – 16 Feb 2015


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 ELLYMAYE @Ellysa_Maye


“No challenge  poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change” -President Obama #ILoveObama

11:17 PM – 15 Feb 2015

Holly Fisher @HollyFisher723


#ILoveObama like Obama loves America.

7:00 PM – 15 Feb 2015


Doug Wakeman @catbiker


#IloveObama because I hate the Constitution, individual liberty, free markets separation of powers and thinking for myself.


Just Facts @1911gunnerguy


#ILoveObama because Elections have consequences, and we are living it. #nightmare

5:42 AM – 16 Feb 2015


t_headrick @defeathemarxist


#ILoveObama because I don’t want to be audited.

5:40 AM – 16 Feb 2015


Remember when Bush took grinning pics selfies the same week terrorists executed an American? Me neither. #ILoveObama

— Michael A Nöthem (@mikandynothem) February 16, 2015



 #JeSuisCharlie Bee @bossyhoneybee


#ILoveObama because he first loved himself. #selfiestick

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