Muslim suicide bombings are explosions of pig 5

Now it is wonderfully revealed that no Muslim suicide bomber, according to their own lore, has made it to paradise.

Here’s why, from Newsfoxes:

Ted Nugent just brought to light one important detail that I guarantee none of these Islamic terrorists have even considered. In the Islamic religion, pork and pork products are forbidden because the pig is considered an impure animal. In a Facebook post Ted writes …

Percy the pig makes for an extremely interesting read. …

Every Muslim who has ever handled TNT, Nitro, Bullets, High Explosive Bombs, Rocket Launchers or been treated for cuts injury requiring stitches, or taken antibiotics, or Vitamin Capsules, has been contaminated with Pig Products.

The ironical part is that when a Suicide Bomber blows himself up his body parts are impregnated with Gelatine and Glycerine from the explosive. Both Gelatine and Glycerine are manufactured from Pigs worldwide. Ergo, they will never be accepted by Allah.

Some makers of cigarettes use haemoglobin from pig’s blood in their filters. Apparently this element works as a sort of ‘artificial lung’ in the cigarette so, they claim, “harmful reactions take place before the chemicals reach the user” …

Pig bone gelatine is used to help transport gunpowder or cordite into the bullet.

[Also] insulin [and] the blood-thinning drug heparin [use pig products] …  

The complex workings of the global food and processing industry have ensured that it is impossible to avoid pig altogether.

There is no legal obligation for manufacturers to specify whether the gelatine they use is from a pig or another animal. When it is specified, it is often confusingly referred to as Suilline gelatine.

This information needs to be spread world-wide so it reaches as many Muslims as possible.


(Hat-tip to our Facebook commenter Libby Lael)

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