Hail the Hillary! 2

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Let’s take a look at Hillary’s America. How it will be. Just a glimpse, an outline. A rough guide to the Hillarian Tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter what Hillary says she will do. She is a liar. What we have to look at is the agenda of the Left. That tells us what she will do.

These are the objectives. They will not all come about at once, most will take time. But she will have time. Once she has power, she will not relinquish it. Hillary-ism will be entrenched. Her successors will be as she is. The age of the Hillarys looms ahead.

Republicans who say they will do nothing to stop her coming to power, or will even vote for her because they despise Donald Trump, speak of “the Republican brand”. They think they can endure 4 or 8 years of Hillary’s presidency, and then one of their noble breed will replace her and implement what they believe to be true Republicanism. That will not happen. Hillary will not allow it to happen. Hillary and Hillary-ists will be in to stay. There may not even be any more elections. Or if there are, the candidates will all be on the Left. In 2020 you will be able to choose from a list of Democrats. After that, the reigning Hillary alone will choose her politburo.

The Left wants to destroy Republicanism. Anything said in defense of Republican ideas – individual freedom, America-the-melting-pot, small government, low taxes, strong military, free market, secure borders – will be called “hate speech”. And the First Amendment will be amended to except “hate speech” – shortly before the Constitution is discarded altogether as an outdated and immoral document.

To come to specifics:

Education. The schools will raise the generations to be Social Justice Warriors on the right side of history. Everyone will go to a university. The universities will groom the Hillarians of the future. The students will chose their own courses. No one will ever fail.

Health. There will be a full national health service, with the state as single payer. Private insurance and private medical practice will not be permitted. Indeed, private medical practice will be criminalized. What treatment you may have will be decided by committees – appointed by the Hillarys – according to your age and your actual and potential usefulness to the community.

Money. Starting with much higher taxes and total confiscation of all assets on death, there will be a transformation of the economy until all money will belong to the state. You will receive an income judged to be sufficient to supply your needs, as defined by the state. The Left argues that it now no longer needs the signals that a market economy provided; it is possible to computerize demand and so adjust supply centrally. No one (except the Hillary in power and her aides) will be allowed to “hoard” money (what used to be called saving). You will have no extra money to use for developing your own ideas. Innovation will be ended. Pursuing real science will be impossible because …

Global warming will be the only “science”, and the threat of it will be held over your head as a perpetual terror – the equivalent of Christian Hell – so you will do whatever the Hillarys say you must do to “cut down your carbon footprint”.

Energy will be provided by wind, sun and seawaves only. It will be intermittent and extremely expensive. Such pocket money as the state will allow you will not be sufficient to provide you with warmth in winter or coolness in summer. But you will not, in any case, have your own home to heat or cool.

Agenda 21 will be fully implemented. You will occupy a unit of measured space deemed by the Hillarys to be adequate for your needs. You will be allowed to ride a bicycle, but not own a car. You will have to depend on public transport. But you will not have to travel far to your work – which will be assigned to you. Your living quarters will be conveniently close. Moving out of your district will require a permit.

There will be no more police. Only the Community Watch. Its business will be to enforce conformity.

The people in charge will be chosen not for their qualifications but for their ethnicity and gender. White men have been privileged for too long. It is time they were demoted and given only the most menial jobs.

There will no longer be a principle of equality before the law. The idea of objective judgment will be abandoned. Evidence will not be considered important. Judges will judge according to their feelings about a defendant’s “narrative”. If he/she/other belongs to a class or race that has been subordinate in the past to white male domination, he/she/other will not be held culpable for what used to be called crimes.

Reproduction will be licensed. If you fall pregnant without a license to reproduce, your embryo will be aborted. Many will be sterilized, because the world population needs to be reduced to save the planet. If you are allowed to have a child, a committee will decide its sex. It can change its sex to anything it wants once it is old enough to choose. It will be taken from you as soon as it can walk and talk, to be brought up by the community.

The country will have completely open borders. The Hillary will work with like-minded leaders of other countries towards a borderless world. World government is the ultimate objective. Then the whole world will be run on the lines outlined here for America. Certain states (Israel) will be wiped off the map.

The only change to this regime will come about when the Muslim Brotherhood takes over. They could simply buy America from this first Hillary in the near future. But they are more likely to wait for a few generations until world government is established. Then the law will be sharia universally. A description of what life will be like under sharia is not needed. The model is already in place as the caliphate of ISIS.

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