What is the Alt Right? 19

At last a new Right is boldly confronting the too victorious Left.

The Left, shocked and scared, resorts of course to calling it racist and Nazi (though Nazism was a socialist movement) and likening it to the KKK (which was a wholly Democratic movement).

In this late August 2016 recording of a BBC radio discussion, Milo Yiannopoulos, opposed by a confused and shrill Cathy Young, gets to explain in a few words – after 14.30 minutes – what the Alt Right is really all about.

We too reject identity politics as “insane and absurd”, and embrace “freedom of speech, libertarianism and free intellectual enquiry“.

The Left’s attack on white men is absurd and insane.

With Milo, we praise Western civilization and the dead and living men who have made it great. Their color, nationality, or descent is irrelevant, but since we are compelled to take notice of the identity politics of the Left, yes, we acknowledge that most of them have been white.

(As a matter of taste, we regret Milo’s praise of Richard Wagner. And as a matter of principle, we disregard his mention of Pat Buchanan.)

Political correctness – the Left’s lock on our lips – is struck away by the Alt Right. As Milo puts it, “The unsayable is sayable again.”

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