Thanksgiving 1

We repeat our Thanksgiving message from last year, with small alterations and a few additions:

On this Thanksgiving Day, we thank all our readers and commenters for their interest, support, critical appreciation and encouragement.

We specially thank one indispensable commenter, liz, on whose insightful, well-informed comments we have come to rely to reinforce and often expand our posts. We also thank our fiercest commenter Azgael for his frequent and stirring calls to arms.

Generally speaking – and disregarding occasional attacks by believers in the Supernatural or Big Government – we must have one of the most intelligent readerships of any blogs in the world.

Quite a large number of our regular readers do not live in the US. Most of those abroad are in Canada (where our valuable commenters, Cogito and Cassandra, dwell), Britain (where we have a like-thinker and contributor in Chauncey Tinker), France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, South Africa and India – and this year we can add Hungary. But there are also a few who live in countries where it is dangerous for them even to let our title appear on their screens. They have our respectful admiration as well as our gratitude.

We wish you all long life, liberty, and success in the pursuit of happiness – made easier by America’s recent rescue from Leftist tyranny by the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

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