Antifa antiAmerica anarchy 101

Did you know that conservatives, which is to say the far-Right, are spreading false and malicious accounts of violent action by Antifa, the movement that won the Second World War against the fascist axis powers?

Here’a a notable example.

Michelle Malkin wrote at Townhall:

 I will not be in much of a celebratory mood this coming Independence Day.

Our borders have collapsed. Our educational system is a wreck. And our constitutionally protected freedoms of assembly, speech and the press are under siege in the streets and across the internet. The ability of patriots to warn, expose and combat the threats to our national sovereignty is eroding daily.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, my fellow Americans, but this is no time for a parade.

In Portland, my young journalist friend Andy Ngo was hospitalized over the weekend after a brutal assault at the hands of Antifa thugs who rule the streets and run the city. Ngo has been smeared as a “provocateur” and a “propagandist” for exposing the bloody violence and anarchy of far-left “resisters”. He has been doxxed and physically threatened by anti-Trump, open borders radicals menacing him online. On Saturday afternoon, armed only with his smartphone, hand-held GoPro, bodycam and reporter’s backpack, Ngo braved a mob of black-masked agitators purportedly marching against “hate”.

They – the “mob” – are also against masks and violence. What? Do try to keep up! Hate is against hate, mask-wearing is against mask-wearing, the use of violence is to prevent the use of violence. (Don’t bring “logic” up. Logic is racist.)

As they passed the county courthouse and sheriff’s office, the anarchists taunted Ngo by name and hurled cups with unknown substances at him. One violent attacker dressed like a ninja, donning black gloves with reinforced knuckles, punched Ngo in the eyes. Another black-cloaked punk kicked Ngo in the groin multiple times as others pelted him with liquids, sprays and eggs. During the melee, as police stood by, his electronic equipment was stolen. He sustained brain bleeding and wounds to his head, face and neck.

Ngo was not alone. Two Oregonians who had come to support conservative speakers at a downtown rally nearby were set upon by black-masked vigilantes. Adam Kelly was hit in the head with fists, nunchucks, a metal Hydro Flask and a crowbar. Two massive gashes on his skull required more than 25 staples. John Blum was also overrun by people in black masks, who aimed bear spray or mace at him when he, Kelly and two others tried to come to the aid of others being assaulted by Antifa. The elderly Blum had carried a baton to defend himself, but was blinded and incapacitated while being hit, punched and dragged across the street with blood pouring down his face.

Antifa’s apologists in the liberal press scoffed at the savagery, mocking Ngo as a “f—ing snowflake” and downplaying the gang ambushes harmless “milkshaking”.

They have been falsely accused of putting quick-drying cement into their peaceful milkshake weapons. Who can believe that? As if warriors against fascism would stoop to do such a thing!

In total, medics treated eight people, including three police officers. “Three community members received treatment at area hospitals after they were assaulted with weapons. Two officers were pepper sprayed during the incident and were treated. Another officer was punched in the arm by a demonstrator and sustained a non-life-threatening injury. Another officer sustained a non-life-threatening head injury from a projectile,” the city blandly reported.

See? “Non-life threatening”.

Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, a notorious social justice grandstander, spent Monday railing not against the barbarians who’ve hijacked the public square in his town, but against Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, who called out Wheeler’s history of stand-down orders. Portland Police Association president Daryl Turner amplified the critique, pleading with the City to “remove the handcuffs from our officers and let them stop the violence through strong and swift enforcement action.” Those handcuffs have endangered Portland’s citizens in multiple ways. Wheeler has declared Portland a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, and himself a guardian against all foreign criminals evading deportation. In February, the city withdrew the police force from the Joint Terrorism Task Force’s partnership between the feds and local law enforcement – turning the Pacific Northwest metropolis into a safe space for jihad.

Will there be a federal investigation? Concerned citizens who can’t afford to wait have taken matters into their own hands. After just three days, more than 5,700 individuals have contributed a whopping $178,000 to a GoFundMe campaign I spearheaded to help with Andy Ngo’s security, medical and work costs. A separate fundraiser for Adam Kelly raised more than $11,000. On another front, internet sleuths are analyzing video to try and identify Antifa assailants – crowdsourcing the job Portland officials have failed to do.

No, there won’t be a federal investigation. The Antifa people are concerned citizens acting to keep the peace. They have the right to assemble under the first amendment. If they were violent at all it was only in self-defense, because people like Ngo, Blum, and Kelly are inherently violent by being against the anti-violence of Antifa. (Don’t start, you bourgeois moralists. We already warned you once against bringing up “logic”. Don’t make us do it again.)

At the same time as they propagate lies about Antifa violence, conservative journalists – protected by almost all the mainstream and social media – are outrageously claiming that white supremacists are not the major threat to the peace and security of diverse, inclusive, LGBTQWERTY undocumented citizens.

In doing so, they actually defend the American Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

Don’t believe us? Here, for instance, is David Catron writing at The American Spectator:

The Democrats face a unique obstacle in their bid to win back the White House in 2020. To win, they need to garner over 90 percent of the black vote, which requires considerable dissatisfaction in that community with its current plight. However, as President Trump said during his SOTU address, African-American unemployment stands at its lowest rate ever. The resultant increase in prosperity will make it more difficult for the Democrats to stir unrest. Thus, they need to create a new source of concern among blacks, and have hit upon the fiction of metastasizing white supremacy and violence against minorities.

Predictably, the media has enthusiastically abetted this strategy. Indeed, it is why they were so willing to run with the preposterous Jussie Smollett story and a long list of equally absurd hate crime hoaxes perpetrated since Donald Trump became President. It is why we are increasingly subjected to editorials in the major “news” publications claiming that killings perpetrated by “right-wing extremists” are on the rise and that this alleged increase coincides with the Trump era. A useful example is a New York Times op-ed titled, The Grave Threats of White Supremacy and Far-Right Extremism:

Killings committed by individuals and groups associated with far-right extremist groups have risen significantly. Seventy-one percent of the 387 “extremist related fatalities in the United States” from 2008 to 2017 were committed by members of far-right and white-supremacist groups, according the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. Islamic extremists were responsible for 26 percent.

The first thing anyone familiar with cause-of-death statistics will notice about this passage is that the total is infinitesimal. The 71 percent figure the author, Thomas T. Cullen, attributes to “far-right and white-extremist groups” averages 28 per year. Every death is tragic, but this is less than half the annual fatality rate associated with bee and wasp stings. To suggest that this constitutes a “grave threat” to the republic is ridiculous. The author also fails to note that the 71 percent figure attributed to “far right” groups was derived by arbitrarily including every fatality that was not explicitly linked to Islamist or Leftwing groups.

This is no inadvertent error. The source of Cullen’s data explicitly states, “Total deaths include both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated killings.” That is, some of the fatalities that Cullen attributes to “far-right and white-extremist groups” were committed by people with no ideological ax to grind at all. He commits another telling sin of omission by belaboring attacks by alleged white supremacists while studiously ignoring several horrific Islamist mass murders. But by far the worst feature of Cullen’s op-ed is his “solution”. He praises the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act, but laments certain inconveniences:

The hate crime law has its limitations. First, it requires proof that an individual acted because of a specific proscribed animus enumerated in the statute. That means investigators must uncover concrete evidence.

This character is the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia, but he evidently dislikes the hassle of providing genuine evidence that a hate crime has been committed. His recommendation to the states is even worse:

States can authorize localities to place reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on demonstrations that will likely result in widespread violence and other criminal activity, like the rally in Charlottesville.

Evidently Cullen is unaware that the First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees individuals the right to freedom of assembly. And it applies to every American, including the kind of creep who joins the KKK. Even the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) understands that neither the states nor the federal government are permitted to interfere with this provision of the First Amendment. In fact, the ACLU supported Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler in court after city (of Charlottesville) officials tried to revoke his protest permit. For those who can’t see why, the ACLU provides this explanation:

The ACLU is frequently asked to explain its defense of certain groups — particularly controversial and unpopular entities such as the American Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Nation of Islam. We do not defend them because we agree with them; we defend their right to free expression and free assembly.… Once the government has the power to violate one person’s rights, it can use that power against everyone.

Returning to the rise in white supremacist murders that has allegedly occurred under Trump, the actual data is telling. As to domestic terrorist attacks, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) shows that 14 percent were committed by white supremacy groups in 2016 and that this percentage rose to 53 percent in 2017. But this was due to the ratio of overall deaths versus attacks. During 2016, 49 of 71 fatalities occurred during one Islamist attack. Consequently, the percentage of deaths associated with other attacks was driven down. The fatality rate in 2017 was far lower, so White supremacist attacks (18 of 34) rose to 53 percent.

With regard to hate crimes in general, the FBI reported that they increased by 17 percent from 2016 to 2017. That rise was an artifact of the increased number of agencies reporting. More telling is the ethnicity of the offenders: 25.7 percent were Hispanic; 25.0 percent were non-Hispanic white; 21.33 percent were black; 19.1 percent were unknown; 8.87 percent were mixed race. In other words, there is apparently no “white privilege” when it comes to hate crime. If one checks political bias at the door, this looks like a bunch of violent thugs attacking one another, not for racial reasons, but because that’s what violent thugs do.

The evidence of pervasive white supremacist violence is pretty thin, if you allow for the number of random crazies that appear in any particular ethnic community. You won’t get the Democrats to admit this, of course. They need the black vote, so they will do and say just about anything. Thus, they claim that a guy from Queens and the GOP — the party that ended slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation — has revived the Democrat traditions of white supremacy and lynching. They seem to believe that this strategy will bring back the black voters who failed to show in 2016. This is even dumber than the Green New Deal.

“No ‘white privilege’ when it comes to hate crime”!? “The evidence of pervasive white supremacist violence is pretty thin”!?

Who do these conservative nuts think they’re fooling?

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