Democrat rule 1

Wherever the Democrats govern there is anarchy, chaos, violence, terror, sickness, death and despair.

In the cities ruled by Democrats, the people – officially designated the Oppressed-and-Deprived – stagger about drugged and diseased. They sleep, pee, defecate, vomit, copulate, give birth and die on the filthy streets. Ragged unwashed children, many of them dosed with hormones to make them sterile, attend schools where they are taught nothing, insult and beat their teachers, and more often than not run off to join the addicts and muggers, stabbers, shooters and rapists among whom their unknown fathers presumably lurk, or whose corpses lie stinking in the heat or frost-bitten in the cold until the death wagons fetch them away to be shoved into ever roaring furnaces.

The windows of the stores are all broken, their shelves plundered empty since the Democrat rulers told the Oppressed-and-Deprived they could take whatever they wanted without paying for it. Hungry kids scavenge the slimy garbage bins to find scraps of food.

The jails hold only middle-aged polite men and women who once owned property now confiscated from them by the Social Justice Forces. They are incarcerated because they refused to pay the enormous taxes demanded of them by the ruling Democrats who would not use the money to employ a police force to keep their families safe from the thieves, rapists, arsonists, kidnappers, torturers and murderers who had been in the jails but were released by the Democrat dictators to join the Oppressed-and-Deprived on the streets. Nor would the dictators open the public purse to fund the mending and lighting of the streets or the cleaning of the reeking sewers. They use all the money they can extort to buy hallucinogens, alcohol, cannabis, guns and knives for the Oppressed-and-Deprived.

Public buildings, once grand, are now stained and decaying – those few that that have been spared by the busy arsonists. Capitols, mansions, halls stand unused among the charcoal ruins of art galleries and opera houses where the works of the Oppressors used to be displayed and performed. Pieces of the broken statues of old heroes who fought and died for their countrymen, toppled by the Oppressed-and-Deprived, litter the sidewalks and gutters. Their bronze faces hold the used needles of syringes in their nostrils, ears, and the sockets of their eyes.

The only structure in these cities that has no graffiti on its walls, has intact windowpanes and doors that open and shut, is a vast abortion clinic into which lines of swollen-bellied women shuffle all day long, and out of which they come in loose-hanging garments, their faces drawn and grey, their bare feet bloodied, to creep back to their tiny, leaking, plastic tents pitched on the concrete margins of the roaring roads.

The Democrats hope to extend their rule over the whole country after the elections later this year.

Posted under United States by Jillian Becker on Sunday, June 7, 2020

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