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The Democratic Party has a racist past. Could it shake off its history by changing its name?


What if it stopped being racist? And – and – and then changed its name? Could it then be considered morally clean?

That would be a good thing in  itself but  – no. It  will go on smelling bad because of its history no matter what it does. What happened, happened. Nothing that happens can ever be undone.

But a name-change would indicate that it regrets its past, wouldn’t it?

It could indicate that – or it could be seen as trying to conceal its past. Either way, it’s past will still be there, tied to its tail with imperishable bonds.

The Western Journal reports and comments:

Democrats who’ve spent the past month salivating as mobs attacked symbols of American history might want to think about the rocks heading for their own glass house. …

And a resolution Monday night by the Republican Party of Connecticut’s central committee is calling them on it.

The resolution came the same day that a Christopher Columbus statue in (Connecticut’s capital) Hartford was removed … “as a symbol of white supremacy”.

But as the Connecticut GOP’s resolution made abundantly clear, as symbols of white supremacy go, Columbus had nothing on the American Democratic Party. In a long and historically accurate recitation, the resolution noted that it was the Democratic Party that:

    • Was the driving force behind the Confederacy’s secession from the Union — to protect the institution of slavery;
    • Tried desperately to block the “Reconstruction Amendments” to the Constitution, which were written to ensure the slaves freed by the Civil War had full rights of citizenship;
    • Were behind the organized terror of the Ku Klux Klan in the Civil War’s aftermath and instituted the rigid segregation of the Jim Crow era.
    • Was opposed to the civil rights movement even into post-World War II America.

… [Yet] the party that truly represents centuries of literal “systemic racism” — racism written into law and enforced with the lash — has managed to cast its political opponents, the party literally founded on abolishing slavery, as the enemies of equality. …

It’s about time the [Democratic Party] gets called to account for its own past.

Democrats wanted to keep the institution of slavery while Republicans wanted to abolish it and succeeded in doing so.

Having lost the battle to keep Blacks as slaves, the next best thing for democrats was to keep them subservient with the Jim Crow laws.

When they failed with that too, they decided at least to keep blacks poor, badly educated, and dependent on government. Which means in effect to keep them enslaved.

Democrats have controlled the nation’s largest cities for decades, and the results of their misrule are apparent for anyone to see.

Inner-city public schools are the creatures of Democrat-supporting teachers’ unions, and disasters for educating students — many, sometimes most, of them black.

Unwed motherhood, a virtual guarantee of poverty … is [common] in the black community after decades of Democratic government programs. (According to a Center for Immigration Studies report in 2017, an astounding 77 percent of American black babies were born to unmarried women).

Even Democratic claims about being concerned about “police brutality” ring hollow [in the light of the fact] that the police departments where incidents take place are almost always run by Democratic officials (who infuriate police with their backstabbing).

If summer 2020 is a time when progressives are going to demand the country answer for its past problems, it’s well past time for Democrats to start answering for their own hypocrisy.

And they could start by dropping a name that’s been irredeemably disgraced.

The mobs on the streets have been hitting symbols of America’s past while Democrats cheered.

One of these days, those same mobs might get around to the Democrats’ disgraceful past too, as well as the party’s disgraceful present.

To what might the Democratic Party change its name?

An accurate name would be “the Racist Party”. But no Democrat is likely to acknowledge that to be true.

Same goes for “the Hypocritical Party”.

It would be good enough if the Democrats tacitly acknowledged their hypocrisy and intolerance by laughably calling themselves the Freedom and Truth Party. 

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