China’s bid for America? 22

This is the abstract on our Facebook page of an article by Karin MacQuillan at American Greatness:

How can Biden be a contender when he gets 30 supporters at his rallies and Trump attracts 30,000? Biden attracted 130 cars to hear him in must-win Pennsylvania, while in Miami Latinos for Trump organized a 30,000 car parade on their own. In a rare joint appearance, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went to Phoenix and ZERO supporters turned out to greet them. Video of the eerie empty scene was carried on a local news station only. Plainly, the Democrats are not bothering to mount a ground game. No volunteers knocking on doors. Very little effort to register new voters. It doesn’t pass the sniff test for an honest campaign. So what are they relying on? Money. Dark money. Democrats hope to buy the election and believe they have enough money to do so. Money on a scale never seen before in American politics. Hundreds of millions are being given to local election officials in Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia. Hundreds of millions for litigating to break down election rules. Where is it coming from? ActBlue has “raised” $3.5 billion in the last 10 months – separate from the half a billion or more from Democrats’ 50 billionaire backers, or Soros’s quarter of a billion donation – and has negotiated a special relationship with banks so that it does not have to reveal donor names when processing its gift cards as is normally required for virtually all online transactions. In one single day, ActBlue moved $26 million into Biden’s campaign, with 150,000 donations attributed to names that have never shown up as a donor to anything else before – and the IRS is turning a blind eye. Does anyone doubt that the Democrat Party would hesitate to accept Chinese money?

Worth reading in full.

It is very disturbing. But a total defeat of Biden and the Democrats in the coming election will prove those billions to have been wasted.


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