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Democracy as the choice of the people, as one voter one vote, with the power of each branch of government balanced and checked by the power of the other branches, is not wanted any  more by half the electorate of the United States.

Democracy has other definitions. Regimes such as those of the Congo, North Korea, the late German Democratic Republic, have called themselves democratic but are not; “Communist dictatorships” describes them accurately. It is only in that sarcastic sense that the Democratic Party of the United States is democratic.

In the election of 2020, have the people of the free republic given to them by its Founders, failed to keep it?

Auguste Meyrat writes at American Greatness:

As votes were first counted on Election Day, Donald Trump seemed to lead in nearly all of these [“swing”] states.

Donald Trump not only seemed but was in the lead in nearly all of those states.

Then the counting mysteriously stopped. When counting resumed the next day, Biden appeared suddenly to have taken a narrow lead that would allow him to win those states. …

This situation clearly outrages those who voted for President Trump …


In order to prove that cheating has occurred, they now have to rely on famously unreliable institutions for conducting investigations and providing updates: legacy media, social media platforms, Democratic government officials, and federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI.

This means that with the exception of a few alternative conservative media outlets, independent journalists, and outspoken politicians, the people hoping for justice in this election must look to themselves. … It ultimately falls on them to organize and uphold accountability.

They need to protest, take legal action, support reporters uncovering fraud, and put pressure on politicians to take action. 

Will those who took power by cheating care about protest?

Will taking action in the courts be a fair risk when many of the judges are the enemy?

Through what medium will “reporters uncovering fraud” make their reports known? (Even Fox News has largely gone over to the dark side.)

Which politicians can be pressed to take what action?

The sheer size of the task has already caused some conservatives to give up. Instead of confronting the challenge, they are more willing to cut their losses, celebrate keeping the Senate and winning a few seats in the House, and take comfort in the fact that the polls and media were wrong after all.

But a stolen presidential election tends to negate most of this. True, most limits to unbridled Democratic power, like the current size and makeup of the Supreme Court, the number of states currently in the Union, and keeping the filibuster, will remain. Yet so will the forces that rigged the election in the first place [remain]. A Biden-Harris presidency effectively would be the first step in making the whole nation a one-party blue state like California.

By contrast, if Trump fights this and wins, his administration can work to fix this system and would have every reason to do so. As Jeb Bush tweeted to someone wondering why Florida could count their votes on Election Day while smaller states struggled, “Because we learned our lesson after 2000 and changed our laws.” The same could happen in the rest of America where this year’s election showed the overwhelming stupidity of universal mail-in ballots, legalized ballot harvesting, early voting weeks before the election, and not requiring voter identification. These simple fixes to the voting process would go far to ensure greater trust in the system

The Republicans in power saw all that coming and failed to stop it. They did not even try to stop it.

It’s not an overstatement to say the outcome of this election will determine all foreseeable future elections.

The country’s democratic system is at stake. If Democrats win this election through cheating and fraud, all future elections will become meaningless and the country’s political leadership will be determined by an oligarchy of progressive and socialist billionaires. 

And all of this is plainly visible with each new update. The oligarch-owned Washington Post needs to change its motto, “Democracy dies in darkness.” As it stands, American democracy is dying in the daylight, and normal Americans need to save it before it’s too late.

Yes, Americans who value freedom need to save the republic.

One of our commenters, James Johnson, recently wrote:

We need a new Republican Party – one that’s unified. Trump was our guy, but the party squandered its opportunity to pass real legislation that withstands changes in the administration.

Personally, I’m using the coming two years to take a leaf out of the left’s book and engage in conservative activism. To win against the deep state will require massive conservative majorities; it’s tough to achieve those without matching the level of energy the left expends on direct action.

That is the sort of resolution that is needed. Only if the half of America that still wants freedom supports this idea, and a sufficient number – a great many – of the voters who have been cheated of their victory in this election become active and work with unremitting energy, can the free republic be saved. Or, if it is already lost, restored.

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