Thoughts on a chaotic election 17

Are these thoughts encouraging or do they sharpen the pangs of doubt and despair?

Fred Fleitz, president of the Center for Security Policy, former (2018) deputy assistant to the president and to the chief of staff of the National Security Council, writes:

Despite elaborate efforts by the mainstream media, liberal politicians and others on the left to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency, the 2020 presidential election is on knife’s edge. Many, many Americans defied the media and voted in favor of Trump’s presidency and his policies. We may see a protracted legal battle before we know the victor of the election.

There was no “blue wave”. It appears Republicans held the Senate and gained a few seats in the House. If the GOP does keep the Senate, this means that even if Biden wins the 2020 election, he won’t be able to implement his most radical policies that his critics feared. There won’t be any constitutionally-dubious ploys to add DC and Puerto Rico as states. There will be no packing of the Supreme Court. A President Biden won’t be able to raise taxes, provide huge tax relief to blue states by reinstating the SALT tax deduction, or “transition” our country away from oil. The New Green Deal is dead.

If the Republicans hold the Senate, no matter who wins the White House, this will be a huge defeat for far-left radicals like Senator Bernie Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and violent anarchist groups like BLM and Antifa who thought this election would move our country toward socialism. On national security, if Biden wins, a Republican Senate will refuse to confirm far-left, corrupt and partisan nominees. That means Adam Schiff can forget about becoming the next Director of National Intelligence.

On the other hand, if GOP control of the Senate slips away or if there is a tie under a Biden presidency (under which Kamala Harris would break ties as President of the Senate), our country is in real trouble.

But even if the Republicans keep the Senate under a Biden presidency, this does not mean a Biden administration would not undermine our freedom and security. It would do enormous damage to the economy and our freedom once it controls federal bureaucracies, the Justice Department, and the FBI. There will be increased efforts to “cancel” conservative thought. Our intelligence agencies could once again be used to spy on the Democrats’ political opponents. And Biden national security policies likely would be far worse than the incompetence and appeasement of the Obama administration.

Moreover, if a Biden administration decides to rejoin the fraudulent nuclear deal with Iran, President Trump’s Middle East peace efforts probably would collapse. The Middle East will become more unstable. America’s relationship with Israel likely would deteriorate. The Jerusalem Post reported on Nov. 2 that Palestinian officials have already been in touch with the Biden campaign.

If President Trump pulls out a win, he has an historic opportunity to finish what he started. Trump administration’s efforts to bring peace to the Middle East has scored major successes over the last few months with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan signing agreements to normalize relations with Israel. More agreements are on the way.

President Trump will face tough challenges in dealing with North Korea and China, but he has made progress in dealing with both states. His reelection would bolster his standing on the global stage and enhance his ability to negotiate with them.

President Trump must complete his efforts to take back the administrative state for the American people. The permanent federal bureaucracy thinks it works for itself and the left which is why government bureaucrats and Democratic politicians fought so hard to destroy the Trump presidency. They failed. In a second term, President Trump must move quickly to name a new crop of officials to top positions in federal agencies who will clean house and streamline to eliminate waste, corruption and duplication.  But most important, these new Trump officials must press federal employees to do the jobs the taxpayer pays them to do and keep politics out of their work.

This will require President Trump naming officials who will not be coopted by the bureaucracy and be easily cowed by criticism from the mainstream media and the left.  The President must give them strict instructions to clean house when they assume their new posts.

Our country may face some difficult days over the next few weeks before we know for certain the winner of the 2020 presidential election. We are a strong nation and have survived political tumult much worse than this election. We will get through this.

To find ourselves in a Trumpian America, free and prosperous, or in a fresh hell of Democrat dictatorship?

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