Not a happy new year 83

The year now ending, 2020, has been horrible.

It has been a year of oppression, impoverishment, and disappointment.

Oppression because of exaggerated fear of the Chinese virus.

Impoverishment as millions of people lost their jobs and their businesses because of the oppression.

Disappointment for at least half the population of America and uncountable millions in the rest of the world because President Trump has been cheated out of re-election.

But at least we had Donald Trump as our president in 2020.

2021 will be even worse, very much worse. When Biden is president, the year 2021 will not only be horrible with continuing oppression, impoverishment, and disappointment from the moment of its birth, it will become increasingly horrible.

Kurt Schlichter thinks so too. He writes – in part – at Townhall:

I predict pain.

No Krakens. Sorry.

Let’s get this out of the way. I predict President Asterisk will be inaugurated in January despite the massive cheating and incompetence that stole the election from the American people. … It is highly unlikely that any kind of constitutional maneuver or even the most meritorious court challenge is going to validate Donald Trump’s victory in the last election, even though it’s painfully clear that he did win and was only deprived of the victory by a combination of incompetence, scams and outright fraud. And I predict many Americans will refuse to accept this ancient pervert as their president. I know I will never name him without adding an *. I also know I’m not going to rest until the left pays. How about you?

Durham Will Do Nothing. 

Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny. Durham the Avenger.

Nothing will happen to the real crooks. Nada. Zip. Zilch. What investigations the Asterisk Administration doesn’t order shut down will be closed out without action in the name of “preserving our institutions”. You might think justice and accountability are the best institutional preservatives, but that’s your wacky non-swamp thinking at work. The real answer is to cover it up and blame you for caring. What this will do is make us hate them even more for their corruption, incompetence, and arrogance, if that’s possible. …

Covid Will Continue Until We Revolt. 

Have you noticed that Establishment seems to love this pandemic? And why not? They get to boss the proles around and it sure doesn’t interfere with their pampered lives. They’re doing fine working from their penthouses. They’re still noshing at the French Laundry while the rest of us – at least in the unfree blue states – are trying to survive their idiotic lockdowns. …

However, he concludes –

Here’s one more prediction…we will win. Maybe not in 2021, but mark my words, the side of freedom and justice cannot lose. Victory is coming. And you can hold me to it.

We are not so sure that the side of freedom and justice cannot lose, however much we wish for its victory.

As wishing is all we can do right now, despite the grim outlook we wish our readers personal happiness in the New Year.

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