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Atrocity of the Week

Somalia: 20 Patrons
Blown Up at a Restaurant

Other Recent “Misunderstandings
of Islam”

2021.03.14 (DRC) Over a dozen villagers are brutally executed with pickaxes and machetes.

2021.03.14 (Yemen) Three children are among eighteen killed when Ansar Allah fire a missile at a school.

2021.03.12 (Afghanistan) Women and children are among eight blown to bits by Shahid suicide bomber.

2021.03.12 (Iraq) Two women are among six killed when Islamic State members storm a home.

2021.03.11 (Afghanistan) Taliban gunmen murder a child.

2021.03.10 (Somalia) One person is killed when a COVID response team is targeted with a bomb.

One day later:

2021.03.16 (Niger)
Jihadists machine-gun sixty villagers in cold blood.


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