The corruption of the institutions 20

Two quotations today from Townhall about the corruption of all our institutions:

By Chris Stigall:

Critical race theory has infected the curriculum of our public schools, teaching young children they’re racist before they learn to tie their shoes. Our intelligence institutions have been so politically charged and compromised the bulk of their time is now targeting citizens of one political party instead of real threats at home and abroad. Our nation’s law enforcement have gone from heroes keeping the peace in our most violent communities to “minority hunting killers” mythologized as more dangerous than a common street thug. Our entertainment and sports institutions have been completely taken over by leftist politics to such a degree – athletes and entertainers working in the industry are excommunicated for not staying on the approved message of the left. Media institutions waved bye-bye to truth telling and objective journalism long ago. There’s sad bipartisan agreement on that.  Even our once most trusted institution – the United States military now finds its senior leadership lobbing editorial comments at a television show host simply for questioning their priorities in defending our nation from truly alarming threats like China. That leaves only one institution for us all to rally around. Our vote. Election Day. Sadly, after watching the unconstitutional manipulation of our last election and Democrats’ current attempt to federalize that trickery permanently overriding our states, our last standing institution is hanging on by a thread. [But if H.R. 1 becomes law …]

By Kurt Schlichter:

Americans have been serially betrayed by our institutions for the last couple decades, most painfully by those institutions that were supposed to look out for us. Academia, which we subsidize, teaches our kids that we are moral monsters. The media hew to the establishment narrative instead of jumping in to expose its depredations against us normal folks. Even the FBI tossed out Inspector Erskine in favor of that looming doofus Jim Comey and tried to frame the president we picked to fix the establishment’s mess. While the military leadership’s betrayal was still shocking, we normal people immediately saw exactly what was happening again with this latest institution to fall. It too was betraying us in the name of wokeness.  Thirty years ago right now, I was in Saudi Arabia in the wake of the Gulf War, the high point of American power. The military was rebuilt by visionaries who embraced high standards,  focused on warfighting, and annihilated a nation’s entire force in six weeks of air war and 100 hours of ground war. We were not woke. We were not politically correct. We were just unbeatable. Fast forward to 2021:  our military is still chasing bandits around the Hindu Kush, our forces still in Iraq are still getting rocketed, and we are still pouring troops into Syria for some damn reason. The Chinese are eating our lunch in the Western Pacific, but our military leadership pretend that the U.S. is still dominant. It thinks we’re unbeatable, but the Chinese are deadly serious, even as our leadership pretends boys can become girls and that paying for their snip surgery will make us more combat-ready.

The Leftists in power are like termites living in a wooden house, devouring their habitat.

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