Segregation returns with extra cant 18

The Western Journal reports:

When Columbia University in New York City holds its virtual graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2021, it wants to be sure that there are separate ones for certain identity groups.

“Complementing our school- and University-wide ceremonies, these events provide a more intimate setting for students and guests [not] to gather, incorporate meaningful cultural traditions and celebrate the specific contributions and achievements of their communities,” the Ivy League university said in announcing a series of graduation ceremonies designed for those groups Columbia has deemed special.

The ceremonies begin with one for Native Americans on April 25.

Next comes what is called “Lavender Graduation” to spotlight the “LGBTQIA+ community” on April 26.

So not only races are to be segregated – each from every other and especially from “whites” – for celebration, but there is to be similar apartheid between the sexually abnormal and the normal. But in what – except sexual practices – can the sexually abnormal claim as “meaningful cultural traditions” or “specific contributions and achievements” different from the cultural traditions, contributions, and achievements of normal students?

On April 27, the university will hold a ceremony for Asian students, followed by one for low-income students … 

So class difference is to be observed too…

and [one for] those who are the first generation in their family to graduate from college.

The series of racially profiled ceremonies continues April 29 with one for Hispanic studentsbilled as “Latinx Graduation” to reflect current liberal language — and concludes April 30 with a ceremony for black graduates.

Say, what happened to “diversity and inclusion”?

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