Yet more evidence of election fraud 4

Yet more evidence of fraud in the 2020 election – again contributing to a Biden “win” – turns up in Montana: twenty-eight signatures on twenty-eight ballots, different names, all the same handwriting.

John R Lott Jr. writes at The Daily Signal:

During the pandemic summer of 2020, the governor of Montana, Democrat Steve Bullock, issued a directive permitting counties to conduct the general election fully by mail.

Also a court struck down Montana’s law aimed at preventing ballot harvesting.

Missoula, Montana’s second-most populous county and one of its most heavily Democratic, opted in to the universal vote-by-mail regime.

In response, in October 2020, several county residents with experience targeting election integrity issues formed a group to ensure the legitimacy of the 2020 vote.

In November, the group approached state Rep. Brad Tschida, a Republican, to formally take up the issue. Tschida hired a lawyer involved in the group, Quentin Rhoades, to represent him in corresponding with Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman, a Democratic appointee and a longtime supporter of progressive causes.

Seaman’s office complied with Tschida’s request for access to all of the county’s ballot envelopes, and on Jan. 4 a team of volunteers, overseen by Rhoades, conducted an audit with the assistance of the Missoula County Elections Office.

The audit consisted of both a count and review of all ballot envelopes and comparing that to the number of officially recorded votes during the Nov. 3, 2020, general election. 4,592 out of the 72,491 mail-in ballots lacked envelopes—6.33% of all votes. Without an officially printed envelope with registration information, a voter’s signature, and a postmark indicating whether it was cast on time, election officials cannot verify that a ballot is legitimate. It is against the law to count such votes.

Dozens of ballot envelopes bore strikingly similar, distinctive handwriting styles in the signatures, suggesting that one or several persons may have filled out and submitted multiple ballots, an act of fraud. 28 envelopes reviewed from the same address, a nursing home, all 28 signatures looked “exactly the same” stylistically.

An auditor reported that among the envelopes she reviewed, two [unusual and easily recognized] signatures appeared dozens of times.

When Rhoades asked Seaman about more ballots recorded than the envelope count, Seaman appeared extremely nervous and had no explanation.

The magnitude of defective—and potentially fraudulently cast—ballots identified during the Missoula County ballot audit is particularly troubling given the small margins by which local 2020 elections were decided. The 2020 local House District 94 race was determined by 435 votes; that of local House District 96, a mere 190.

If Missoula County generated problem ballots on the level of those cast during 2020, it may well have swung these statewide elections.

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House has passed HR 1, a bill that would result in universal mail-in voting across America.