In the name of Allah 1

The jihad goes on. (Read more about its recent atrocities here.)

Religion of Peace

Atrocity of the Week
Mozambique: Dozens Slaughtered

Other Recent “Misunderstandings
of Islam”

2021.04.03 (Somalia)
A suicide bomber detonates at a market populated by impoverished people, killing ten.

2021.04.02 (Mali)
Mujahideen murder four UN “peacekeepers”.

2021.04.01 (Tunisia)
A suicide bomber kills her own baby.

2021.03.30 (Nigeria)
Clerics order a mob to burn a man alive for insulting Muhammad.

2021.03.30 (DRC)
Two dozen innocents are massacred by ADF Islamists.

2021.03.30 (Afghanistan)
Three female polio workers are brutally gunned down.

The Religion of Peace

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