A note to new visitors 23

Since we were “suspended for 60 days” by Facebook – ostensibly  for reproducing a photograph with a mildly funny but harmless caption – we have had a most welcome increase of visitors to this site.

We assume that at least some of the newcomers have migrated from our Facebook territory. But we  cannot be sure, because we have had no new commenters here. Daily we look for familiar names and pseudonyms but so far have not found them.

So if you are a new reader, whether formerly of our Facebook page or not, please:-

Click on the title of a post, or on the word “comments” underneath it, to get to the comment page.

Sign up for Disqus if asked to.

Comment freely. Difference of opinion is welcome (but not obscenities, ad hominem insults to us, advertisements, or sheer lunatic ravings).

Posted under Miscellaneous by Jillian Becker on Sunday, April 18, 2021

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