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16 months into the Covid-19 pandemic, about 3 million people across the world are said to have died of it. (Data from Johns Hopkins University.)

Approximate population of the world: 7.9 billion

More world wide statistics:

Approximate annual deaths from car accidents: 1.3 million

Approximate annual deaths from malaria: 1-3 million

Approximate annual deaths from heart disease: 8.8 million

Approximate annual deaths from starvation: 9 million

Approximate annual deaths from cancer: 10 million

Estimated deaths from Spanish flu post-WWI: 20-50 million

Approximate annual deaths of unborn babies by abortion: 56 million

Approximate deaths caused variously by World War Two: 75 million

Estimated deaths inflicted by Communist regimes: 60-150 million*

Approximate deaths in the name of Religion (all but one in the last millennium, and with underestimates and many omissions in the list): 195 million


For a list of deaths by religion that is interesting to read though inaccurate – as all such lists must be since the count of deaths and the certainty of their cause can never be verified – go here.

Note: Wars have been waged by regimes which were officially atheist – such as those waged by and in Soviet Russia – but no war has ever been fought (or massacre carried out) in the name of atheism, or in order to advance or impose atheism.


*From Wikipedia:

In 1985, John Lenczowski, director of European and Soviet Affairs at the United States National Security Council, wrote an article in The Christian Science Monitor in which he stated that the “number of people murdered by communist regimes is estimated at between 60 million and 150 million, with the higher figure probably more accurate in light of recent scholarship”.

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