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Search though we do, we cannot find any really strong columns, videos, or speeches (other than President Trump’s) condemning Joe Biden and his evil gang for causing extreme suffering and loss of life (13 American servicemen killed) in Afghanistan, and for betraying the country of which he claims the presidency.

Every unhappy criticism we read is weak. We want expressions of blistering fury, towering rage.

Dear readers! Please give us a link to any you can find by placing it in the Comments section of this post.

Or post them – or write them – yourself on our Forum (link at the top of our margin: click on “New Topic”, or just the word “New” first, to be taken to the page with “New Topic” on it).

We want to hear the voices of Americans – and foreign sympathizers – who will not stand for what is being done to the nation and the world by the traitors in power.


Found one:

Calm though he seems, this Marine is furious.

With controlled rage he explains that he’s prepared to lose everything by calling the top ranks to answer for ordering capitulation and defeat.

“The higher military ranks are not holding their end of the bargain. I demand accountability.”

“They completely messed this up.”

In the light of what has happened in the end, those who died fighting “have died in vain”.

So is there now simmering mutiny among the ranks?

They were prepared to lose their lives for their country: are many now prepared to lose their careers, and even their freedom, as Lt. Col Stuart Scheller is, to challenge the traitors who commanded them to unnecessary defeat?

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