The good of guns 3

Obama and Democrats will not believe it. Because if facts don’t support their agenda, they are impervious to them.

But the case can be made: the more guns there are in the hands of citizens, the fewer the victims of gun murder. 

This telling chart comes from the American Enterprise Institute (via PowerLine), where its validity and implications are discussed.


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Against gun control 2

This video was first posted nearly four years ago in March 2009. But the argument against gun control remains valid. In particular, it deals with the result of gun confiscation by the Australian government.

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Arms and the woman 0

It is quite entertaining to watch five would-be jewelry store robbers, two of them armed, falling over themselves to escape from a white-haired lady, the store’s owner. The key being, of course, that she was firing a handgun at them.


Video and text from PowerLine

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