The granny network 96

 The most cheering story that has come out of poor old Britain for a very long time – read more about it here:

LONDON – The British Intelligence agency MI5 used a range of astonishing new weapons in its all-out war against al-Qaida in the north of England, a campaign that succeeded in defusing an alleged terror plot, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Security Service operation – personally directed by its 50-year-old head, Jonathan Evans, from its newly opened regional headquarters in northwest England – tested for the first time a range of unusual weapons created by its A4 surveillance division.

Some women as old as 70 reportedly wore cameras in their hair, and young mothers with babies had recording equipment in prams.

Both groups underwent a crash course before they became members of the long investigation into the largest campaign plotted by al-Qaida since the London bombings…

(Lucky grannies to have enough hair!)

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