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The elections in Canada have brought in young Justin Trudeau, an Islam-sympathizing lefty, as Prime Minister. He replaces Stephen Harper, one of the very few statesmen in our darkening world.

A Canadian reader, Marnee, wrote this to us:

I feel like I don’t know my own country. I’m nervous for the future of our grandchildren.  We’ve taken a sharp left turn and we’re now heading down a very dark road – a road that had so many signs warning us not to take this path. Danger! read the signs. Yet the vehicle called Canada has veered left. Veered away from Israel and toward Islam; veered away from open trusting faces and toward suspicious faces hidden behind niqabs; veered away from illicit drugs that were under control and toward young people out of control; veered away from grounded climate scientists and toward “the sky is falling” hysterical scientists; veered away from balanced budgets and toward “We won’t balance the budget” thinking; veered away from the man who guided us safely through the economic crisis and toward the foolish young man that says “…and the budget will balance itself”; veered us toward and has now left us at the very door of the boy with nice hair with not much under it. I look back on the USA before Obama took over and I shudder as I study where it is today – a very tumultuous, deeply divided and different place. A lot of changes can happen in 4 years. Today’s world is filled with dangerous people who have bloody agendas that we only wish were hidden. Sounds like we’ll be making friends with these pre-historic peoples. We’re more vulnerable now with reckless young Justin at the wheel. We’ve taken the Ferrari keys away from “Dad” and tossed them to the “little brother”. We have every reason to fear for our safety and our very good name. Hope time proves me wrong.

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