Detroit: dilapidation by Democratic design 9

This trailer of a forthcoming documentary by Ben Howe, Bankrupt: How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit, gives a tantalizing glimpse of a story that is to the extreme discredit – thoroughly deserved – of the Democrats and their central planning.

Detroit has been ruined by Democrats. What happened to Detroit is what can happen to the whole country if Democrats are allowed to stay in power for long enough.

Steven Hayward comments at PowerLine:

I especially like the item about how people are actually having deceased family members disinterred to be reburied outside the city.  Things are really bad when it’s thought unfit for even dead people to stay inside city limits.

We sympathize. We wouldn’t care to be stuck in Detroit, alive or dead.

And our reader and commenter Frank sends us this video which, as he says, takes a more in-depth view of the same subject:


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