Guns for Obama’s boys 72


This interview with a 13-year-old boy, called Shaaban Abdallah Hamedah, from Aleppo reveals how a rebel group that goes by the name of Ahfad al-Rasoul (Grandsons of the Prophet) Brigade recruited him as a sniper to kill people in an area of Aleppo, irrespective of whether they were military personnel, civilians, or even other rebels.

The Grandsons of the Prophet Brigade has been approved by the Obama administration to receive weapons directly from the US.

There is no good side in the Syrian civil war. But the terrorist group that has so extremely abused this child, that trains children to work at a daily job killing civilians who step on to a bridge, is one of the constituents of the rebel side, which President Obama has picked to support with all kinds of materiel, including weapons.


Video and quoted text from Creeping Sharia.