A monument to evil 76

A mosque and Muslim community center is to be built at the site of the 9/11 massacre in New York.

Islam brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and where they once stood there will now stand a mosque. It will constitute a permanent declaration that in its war against America, Islam won a victory in New York.

It cannot but be a monument to the killers, and a rallying place for Muslims to celebrate a triumph of their jihad.

It is a monument to evil.

How can New York allow it?  How can America?

A reminder:

In total 3,497 people died (not counting the 19 mass murderers) in the attacks on 11 September 2001.

2,735 civilians in the World Trade Center.

87 passengers and crew members aboard American Airlines Flight 11 that hit the North Tower.

60 passengers and crew aboard United Flight 175 that hit the South Tower.

343 New York City firefighters and rescue workers and 23 New York City law enforcement officers, 47 Port Authority workers and 37 Port Authority Police Officers.

64 passengers and crew aboard American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon, killing them and 125 people in the building.

36 passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93, who gave their lives stopping four hijackers over Pennsylvania.

The death toll of the attack on the World Trade Center rose in the days, months and years that followed. By Spring 2009 it was 2,998. More than 3,000 children lost parents.

It’s not even as if the war were over. It’s still going on, and this mosque will very likely recruit more terrorists.