Too late? 277

Muslims are already treating Britain as their own territory, encountering no effective resistance from a native population enfeebled by “politically correct” leftist dogma.

This is from Gates of Vienna, by Beth Baron:

Yasser al-Habib, the Shia “hate Sheik of the Home Counties”, has set up a power base in a quaint and pretty Buckinghamshire village named Fulmer …

In an empty, barn-like building previously owned by the Plymouth Brethren (a Christian Evangelist movement) and now the Al Muhassin Mosque, the Sheikh has established Fadak TV, a satellite channel that broadcasts his hate-fuelled and divisive messages to his followers around the world.

Sheikh al-Habib has a chequered past. He was imprisoned in Kuwait in 2003 for verbally attacking Sunni leaders and advocating extreme views which strongly criticized the Sunni sect of Islam … He has been in Britain since 2004 after his Kuwaiti citizenship was revoked. …

The Sheikh has no immediate plans to make any structural or cosmetic changes to the building, but he has stated that he may apply to “Islamify” it at a future date. His ambitions, however, do not stop there  … he [encourages] believers to make the effort to …  help transform [Fulmer] into a “true Islamic village”.  … Efforts are being made to establish an Islamic Shia school and seminary of traditional Islamic learning in the future.

Where all this will leave the present community of 500, their church, the Black Horse Pub, the tiny primary school and the life of the village — which has frequently won the award for “Best Kept Village”, and holds regular events such as the annual village fete with pub BBQ and a Christmas party, as well as boasting its own cricket team — [is] unclear. [But it appears] from what “his Eminence”  has said the indigenous inhabitants with their long history, culture and traditions (dating back to 1198) are … an impediment to his plans, and like a conqueror of old he is ready to sweep them away and impose an entirely new and alien identity on the village.

Al-Habib has made no secret of his plans; his public declarations of his intentions should have set alarm bells ringing. However, Pauline Vahey, Chairman of the Parish Council, has unreservedly welcomed the newcomers, their mosque, the hate Sheikh and his contentious and potentially dangerous satellite TV channel into her sleepy and vulnerable village.

I hope that Pauline Vahey and her colleagues on the Parish Council will be held personally responsible for their foolish and suicidal capitulation in the name of political correctness, and especially for their lack of due diligence. From the get-go the Islamic newcomers will demand small accommodations. Such accommodations will automatically be acquiesced to by the Council in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘community cohesion’. As their numbers grow, polite requests for small accommodations will turn into vocal and aggressive demands for special privileges which will steamroller over the wishes of the original inhabitants and will change forever the nature, culture and landscape of these few square miles of precious traditional England.

This insidious process of invasion, an Islamic land-grab, is no longer confined to English towns and cities. Village by village, street by street, the UK is being systematically colonized, and it is only a matter of time before all the dots join up. It is no exaggeration to say that at the current rate of Islamic demographic growth coupled with uncontrolled immigration, within 50 years or perhaps less we will have little or no country left to call our own. …

The following comments … from Ms Vahey are contradictory, and the people of Fulmer deserve better from their leader:

They are a sect of Shia Islam who encourage and preach peace amongst all Islamic groups. To that end, during the week there will be six members on the premises daily, from which they hope to broadcast on two satellite channels in Arabic and French. … They have every right to be there and every right to worship in the mosque. But we have all sorts of people who are showing concern. They are not concerned that they are worshipping here, but that what they are doing appears to have managed to upset all sorts of other Muslims. What we are seeking is to avoid any inter-sectarian disputes affecting Fulmer, however that might manifest itself.  …

“I just don’t understand why they have decided to come here,” said Jess Harasimow, a 24-year-old barman in the village pub. “Fulmer is in the middle of nowhere and it does not have a big Muslim community. In fact, all there is in Fulmer is the pub, a little infants school, a church and the village hall. I just don’t know why they haven’t gone somewhere where there is a greater population of Muslims … ”

But that is just the point, Jess. This is their modus operandi. They target an area … that manifestly has no need for a mosque. They purchase or lease a building, convert it into a mosque or Islamic centre (old churches or places of worship are particularly attractive and harder for locals to defend) and create a bridgehead, This is followed by the purchase of local properties, assisted by instantly available sharia mortgages (the fifth column of Sharia finance is much loved by our bankrupt and treacherous government) and the process is then repeated over and over again with military precision until the last local family has moved out.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that if resistance is encountered, intimidation, bullying, threats of violence and bribes are successful tactics commonly used to rid an area of the last stubborn Kafir. …

There are concerns amongst some local residents about the … controversial broadcasts by [the mosque’s] satellite TV station. It is understood that Dominic Grieve, the Local MP and Attorney General, has been contacted [in complaint about them], and there have been informal talks with Thames Valley Police. …

In the local town of Stoke Poges, opposition to the mosque has resulted in petitions being circulated … The opposition by the residents there appears to be generated not by the mosque itself but by the contentious teachings of its leader.

Why the heck don’t they find out what the mosque religion is all about? They would find it rich with contentious teachings.

If Sunni v Shia violence is visited upon Fulmer, and from what we have already seen in London there is no reason to assume that it will not, then great suffering and unimaginable chaos will be inflicted on the inhabitants of this well-ordered village. These unfortunate souls appear to be facing a “double whammy”: the possible loss of their village to the expansionist “hate Sheikh” and his Shia sect, and …  inter-sectarian violence such as we have recently seen in Syria and other war-torn parts of the world. The economic and psychological fallout for homeowners, families, children and the elderly would be enormous. If all this comes to pass I hope the residents will remember the words of their leader Pauline Vahey, her dhimmitude and her willful ignorance. It is safe to say that the fallout would not be confined to Fulmer; the wider area would be unable to resist the tensions. Indeed the violence could spread to areas where there are large Muslim populations, in other words, across much of the UK especially London and the major cities.

All this inevitably leads me to believe that affluence and privilege do not automatically go hand in hand with common sense, courage or a healthy interest in current affairs and factual history. Even rarer is a sense of self-preservation and patriotism.

The poisonous tentacles of the cultural Marxists via the educational system, the mainstream media and the Common Purpose shock troops in local government appear to have reached into places where you would least expect to find them, and where well-heeled but clueless residents have the most to lose.

With this in mind I fear it will be left to the rest of us to show courage and unflinching resolve. Village communities must follow suit, unite and educate themselves about the realities of Islamic expansionist ambitions. They must be prepared to fight applications for new mosques and Islamic centres, and push back against this invasion without fearing censure from the left-leaning minority.

In other words, to bravely stand our ground and defend our nation again in her new hour of peril. This must be done if we wish to pass our country and culture on to those who come after us and whose future is currently in the most extreme jeopardy.

But it may be already too late.

Whoever wins, Britain loses 115

On Thursday May 6, 2010, a general election will be held in Britain. It’s likely that the Conservative Party will win with a small majority.

It will make little difference who wins and who governs. None of the parties has a policy that can save Britain from its deepening economic crisis or from its future as a predominantly Muslim country under sharia law.

Here is an address I delivered at a conference of Conservatives in London in 2008. The figures were accurate then according to each country’s published statistics, and they haven’t changed significantly.

My prognosis for Britain and Europe is profoundly depressing. I wish it could be otherwise.


The people of Europe are dying out. In that sense it could be said that Europe is coming to an end. The continent is entering a new phase of its history and is already being called by a new name: Eurabia.

Here are the facts and figures:

The birth-rate by which a population is merely stabilized, not increased however slightly, is 2.1 births per woman.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some European figures:

Austria 1.3

Britain 1.77

Czech Republic 2

France 1.9

Germany 1.37

Greece 1.29

Italy 1.2

Ireland 1.87

Netherlands 1.73

Norway 1.81

Poland 2

Russia 1

Spain 1.1

Sweden 1.75

These are all declining populations. Some are declining more steeply than others. Russia’s population will be halved in 50 years, while Poland’s half-life will take a little longer.

It’s hard to imagine what if anything could halt the decline. A sudden explosion of births, with most women of child-bearing age having numerous children in the next couple of decades? Too late. A mass return of European descendants from the New World to the ancestral lands? Yes, but as unlikely to happen as a miracle.

What is actually happening to swell the numbers is an accelerating growth of the Muslim immigrant populations. In Britain today the average age of the non-Muslim population is 41, the average age of the Muslim population is 28. This order of difference is typical of all West European countries. In all of them, furthermore, the Muslim birth-rate is higher than the native birth-rate. It means they have not long to wait for their Muslim majorities. Europe is being Islamized, to become in all likelihood a Muslim-dominated continent by the end of the century [revised estimate – by the middle of the century]. We can now see – we can hardly miss seeing – the change in our cities. Though it seems to have come upon us suddenly, it has been growing for decades. It is about 20 years since the Islamic Foundation issued a declaration from Leicester that the Islamic movement is ‘an organized struggle to change the existing society into an Islamic society based on the Koran’.

Realistically we must confront the demise of our political power and reconcile ourselves to a loss of liberty, because, barring a miracle, Islam will not transform itself into a force for the protection of individual freedom. By no stretch of the imagination can Muslim law, sharia, be described as liberal.

Here are a few examples of it: Women must obey their husbands who should beat them if they do not. Women must cover their heads and figures in public. Thieves must have hands and feet cut off; adulterers are to be stoned to death; unmarried fornicators lashed with 100 stripes; homosexuals burnt, stoned, or dropped from a height; apostates killed. Criticism of the Prophet Mohammed is apostasy. Non-Muslims must convert to Islam, or be killed, or, if Christian or Jewish, may pay a tax called the jizya and so be suffered to live, not as citizens but as dhimmi, subjugated and abased persons forced to submit to numerous laws which mark and preserve their inferior status.

We could cling to a hope that sharia law will not be imposed on our grandchildren, or that if it is, it will be in some modified form. We may surmise that Muslims born and brought up here will be influenced by our values and modes of thought to the extent that they themselves come to prefer our common law to sharia. For this to happen they would have to be thoroughly secularized en masse. In such a development lies our best chance of remaining free. But how probable is it? We can only read the existing signs and they do not inspire optimism.

To some degree young Muslim men in Britain are already secularized. In English cities they can be as enthusiastic Saturday-night bingers and brawlers as their native English counterparts, the Islamic ban on drinking alcohol notwithstanding. But they are inclined to adhere to Islamic customs, as in marriage for example, expecting their wives to remain in a traditionally subservient role. Importantly, the imams still have power to influence the communities, and it is largely because Muslim communities have been established in geographical enclaves that their power remains strong.

Successive British governments have failed to integrate Muslim immigrants. They have preferred, in accordance with the ill-thought-out ideology of ‘multiculturalism’, to permit and even approve the establishment of ethnic enclaves. Yet these are ghettoes of a kind, and the policy itself is, in effect, segregationist, or what might be called apartheid-lite. It has meant that there are areas into which the police are reluctant to enter, so that ‘honour killings’, forced marriages, child marriages, wife beatings and burnings, separation according to gender in schools and offices, are often – no one knows how often – practised with impunity.

Then there are the madrassas. Some 700 [many more now in 2010 – JB] of these religious schools have been established in Britain, at least a few of them with tax-payers’ money. They teach fundamentalist doctrine, including the complete subjugation of women, and the waging of jihad, holy war.

We are often told that Islam means ‘peace’, but it does not. It means ‘submission’. We are told it is a ‘religion of peace’, but it was spread by the sword. Our experience of it in recent years has been traumatic. What Islam has shown us of itself is that it is murderous, destructive, cruel and terrifying, bringing death and agony to many places in the world, including New York, Madrid, and here to us in London.

Conquest of the rest of the world by Islam is ordained by its holy book, the Koran. There it is written that the highest duty of the ‘true believer’ is to wage war against infidel lands – such as ours – until they become part of the realm of Islam and their populations are converted. Every Muslim must participate in the war. Those who do not actively fight must assist those who do in whatever ways they can. Refusal is punishable by mutilation or death.

‘O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find hardness in you’ (sura 9.123). ‘Those who fight Islam should be murdered or crucified or their hands and feet should be cut off on opposite sides’ (sura 5.33). ‘Let those who fight in the way of Allah, who sell this world’s life for the hereafter; and whoever fights in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, We shall grant him a mighty reward’ (sura 4.74).

This last injunction with its promise of reward fully authorizes suicide bombing. It is the standing order for such atrocities as those of 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London.

We have heard from imams and sheikhs that other injunctions abrogate these; or that we must not take them literally. But the important point for us is that there are Muslims who obey them literally. We can hardly avoid noticing, belatedly but plainly at last, that not only are we being colonized by Islam, but at the same time we are being subjected to jihad.

The violence can only get worse, the attacks more destructive, possibly obliterating millions. The President of the Islamic State of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, claiming to be divinely inspired, is threatening to unleash nuclear war. He has the capability of producing nuclear warheads, and Western Europe, we are told, is within range of his missiles. The nuclear bomb is the greatest boon for furthering jihad that has come into Islam’s possession in all the fourteen hundred years of its history. Can we doubt that he will use it?

Jillian Becker    May 3, 2010

Books I recommend:

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