Idealism before Benevolence 115

An excerpt from an article from the UK Israeli Solidarity Campaign, part of IMED:

“…An example is the words of one PSC campaigner I spoke to, who was a decent person, and said, “When I see a football game, I always support passionately the weaker side. I don’t know, maybe I just always like the underdog.” He then admitted that it was possible this could cloud his judgement.

So I urge you, regardless of your opinion on Israel, to examine the boycott question rationally.

Firstly, we must ask ourselves if the consequences of a boycott on a country whose main export is medical research and innovation that saves lives all over the world is prudent.

Secondly, we must note that are such boycott campaigners really acting for the Palestinians’ good when Palestinian trade unions have themselves rejected the boycotts, or are the protesters more interested in achieving an image of benevolence. Just under 500,000 citizens of Darfur in Sudan have been murdered by the Sudanese army and Government sponsored militias in the last seven years. Where are the boycotts? Where are the protesters? Where is the justice?”

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