Keep your laughter dry 115

The White House is upset that two-thirds of the nation – or is it three quarters? –  think that The Stimulus was a hopeless failure, did nothing to revive the economy, and plunged the country into deep debt.

So the WH charged Joe Biden – a really savvy guy, as we all know  – with the task of explaining to the people that, despite all appearances to the contrary, The Stimulus has in fact been a really big success.

His report is out today, and the Washington Post approvingly discloses its contents here.

What is it that the vice president finds to praise? What is it he reveals that will change the minds of voters, dispel their doubts and fears, make them apologize to Obama for their gross misunderstanding, and gratefully return the Democrats to power in November?

That in the spending of 70% of the stimulus money there has been less fraud than might have been expected.


Check it out.

And keep your laughter dry.

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