An honest confession of hypocrisy 156

The three judges in the trial of Geert Wilders have been dismissed.

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A new trial will have to be called – unless the case against Wilders is abandoned, as it should be.

From a report by Leon de Winter at PajamasMedia:

Wilders’ lawyer Abraham Moszkowicz today asked for dismissal of the three judges, and his request was approved by the dismissal commission of the court. …

Moszkowicz asked for a dismissal after the three judges refused to allow Dr. Hans Jansen to testify regarding a discussion he had with one of the judges of a higher court that ordered the prosecution of Wilders.

Dr. Hans Jansen is “one of the foremost Islam experts in the Netherlands”. He had given testimony in a closed session of the Wilders case.

As in the US, judges in a case are not allowed to discuss it outside the courtroom.

In May, Dr. Jansen was invited to attend a dinner party together with one of the higher court judges. This judge started discussing the Wilders trial, and his order to prosecute, with Dr. Jansen. Jansen revealed this on his personal blog last Wednesday. Moszkowicz wanted the judges to hear, in court, Dr. Jansen’s impression of this discussion. …

The court refused Moszkowicz’ request to hear Dr. Jansen. Moszkowicz subsequently asked for dismissal of this court, and after a short session the dismissal commission agreed with him.

Of great interest to us is a statement made by the host of the dinner party, Bertus Hendriks, “a well-known pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist journalist and activist in the Netherlands”.

On his blog published Wednesday, October 20, Dr. Jansen writes about Hendriks: “Bertus once explained to me that he didn’t care that much for the Palestinian problem. It was more … that the Palestinian fate could expose the global structures of exploitation.”

We have seldom if ever come across so bald a confession of why the Left exploits the Palestinian cause; of the comrades’ actual indifference to people for whom they claim their hearts bleed. It’s an honest confession of hypocrisy.

Mouthing their meaningless socialist platitudes – such as “global structures of exploitation” – they blindly ally themselves with forces inimical to the civilization that sustains them: blood-soaked tyrannies in the recent past, and now Islam. Uncountable millions of corpses strew their chosen path, but on they go. And all in the name of bettering the lot of humanity!