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 Our reader, ‘Libertarian Conservative’, sent us this ‘What-should-be-done’ list. We don’t disagree with any of it. 

1. Elections. Vote the Democrats out.

2. The Economy. Reduce all income tax to a low flat rate. Let failed firms go bankrupt.

3. The Environment. Keep your yard and neighborhood clean, forget the rest.

4. Energy. Drill everywhere in and off-shore America for oil and gas, keep mining and burning coal, build as many nuclear power stations as necessary, scrap the wind-farms. As soon as possible stop importing oil.  

5. Health. Let people pay for their medical treatment. Doctors can charge no more than the market will bear.  

6. Education. Teach literacy, numeracy, math,  science, history, languages, the traditional best of the culture. Not sex. And forget about self-esteem. 

7. Foreign policy. Increase defense expenditure. Modernize the US arsenal. Stop the yackety-yack with Iran and use military force to disable its  nuclear processing installations. Ditto North Korea. Extend the missile shield over all European states subject to Russia’s actual and potential aggression. Pressure the 22 Arab states to absorb and assimilate the ‘Palestinians’; persuade Israel to annex Judea, Jordan or Israel to annex Samaria,  Egypt or Israel to annex a depopulated Gaza. Support Israel in every possible way in the measures it takes to ensure its own survival. Withdraw from the UN and let it die. 

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Sunday, April 26, 2009

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